Are Foreign Investors Unenthusiastic About Montreal and Calgary?

Post the 15 percent foreign tax levy by the government, first in Vancouver and then in Toronto, many realtors felt it was the right time to shore up investor interest in other Canadian cities like Calgary and Montreal. Foreign investment may be frowned upon in Toronto and Vancouver, but the sentiment is the opposite in…
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The Newly Opened Estia is One More Gem in Yorkville’s Crown

One of the indicators of a popular, hot-shot city is its restaurant and dining scene. By that measure, Toronto is doing exceedingly well. The city is bursting with some of the finest eating places, and in keeping with its multicultural ethos, now boasts of several exclusive and chic restaurants that cater to niche regional cuisines.…
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Newly Opened Restaurant Estia Replaces Nao Steakhouse

The Yorkville area that already boasts some of the finest restaurants and cafes has just got another great addition by way of the newly opened Estia. The Mediterranean style restaurant that focusses on traditional cooking techniques and fresh in-house cheese, breads and meats has replaced Asian-inspired steakhouse, Nao that received mixed reviews when it opened a…
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