Average Home Prices in March 2017 Inch Close to a Million!

Don’t Miss the Bus to Buy a New Condo for Sale in Downtown Toronto Just when everyone thought that the housing market couldn’t possibly get more over-heated, the unexpected has happened. Prices shot up again by unprecedented margins this March. As per the month’s report, the average single detached house in the GTA sold for…
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Can Foreign Buyer Tax Cool Off the Housing Market?

Don’t Let Speculation Stop You from Buying a Condo for Sale in Downtown Toronto As the Toronto housing market situation spirals out of control, even those who were initially skeptical of the idea of levying a Vancouver-style 15 percent tax on foreign buyers in Toronto are now calling it a much-needed measure to stem demand.…
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Factors Driving Toronto’s Housing Powers through the Roof

Why it is a Great Time to Consider Investing in a New Condo for Sale As the 4th most livable city in the world according to the Forbes list, it’s not surprising that Toronto is experiencing spiralling real estate prices. Steady economic performance, growing job opportunities and immigrant-friendly political climate are all reasons why more…
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