Reasons why the upcoming 2016 Luminato Festival in Toronto for downtown residents is a top must-see attraction

The arts and culture scene is alive and well in Toronto. The Luminato festival is evidence of the thriving culture that exists downtown, attracting residents and visitors alike. For ten days in June 2016, theaters, parks, and public spaces around the city are transformed into creative sanctuaries for artists to play and create.

The festival was born out of the creative energy that saturates the city and has quickly become one of the preeminent arts festivals in North America. It caters to individuals who are open to having their outlook on the world challenged, stretched, and grown. This year is the 10th anniversary of the famous Toronto festival, so if you’ve purchase a condominium for sale in Toronto, this is a must-see attraction! Take a look at the highlights of the festival below and get ready to experience your own transformative Luminato moment.

Three Highlights of the Luminato Festival in Toronto

The Luminato festival was founded in an attempt to connect the city with the rest of the world. This year, a new art director has come onboard to oversee the festival that will take place at the Hearn Generating Station June 10-26. The Hearn Generating Station has been called the Louvre of Toronto, and this summer, the largest multidisciplinary generator of art and culture will exist there. Festival creators hope to create a globally unique experience that offers attendees a rich, cultural experience.

Luminato at Harbourfront

Take in Monumental: The dance numbers at the Luminato festival are always breathtaking, but this year, a revival of Monumental will blow observers away. This number features nine dancers, all bound to a plinth. Their small platforms aren’t much larger than their feet, and conjure ideas of isolation and imprisonment. This performance will challenge every notion of the word “dance,” directly contradicting ideas of movement, patterns, and human interaction.

Indulge in Sights and Sounds: On June 11th, Tim Hecker will perform on the main stage at the Hearn Generating Station. He will be accompanied by Marcel Weber, a Berlin-based lighting artist. Sound, color, and light will unite to create a compelling performance that will overwhelm and elevate the senses.

Enjoy Theater: On April 23, 1961, Judy Garland performed a world-renowned concert at Carnegie Hall. Rufus Wainwright took stage at the same venue ten years ago to reenact the famous performance. This year, on June 16th and 17th, Rufus will appear at Toronto’s Luminato festival to revisit his fabled performance. You won’t want to miss his performance of Garland’s live, double-album.

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