9 Useful Tips for Becoming A New Condominium Owner in Toronto

In today’s real estate market, buyers want to educate themselves before making their first move toward buying a new condominium. Although purchasing a condo is a smart investment plan and would benefit you in the future, it may seem overwhelming to first-time buyers. What can you do to ease your way into buying a new condo?

9 Tips to Become a Successful New Condominium Owner

Here are some tips to make purchasing a condo in Toronto easier.

  • Pay Off Your Credit Cards
    The interest rates are higher on the usage of credit cards, which can make it difficult for you to save for your new condo. In addition to this, they are also an easy way to spend money on whims. It will benefit you to pay off your credit card debts and use them less.
  • Automatic Savings Account
    Having an automatic savings account will help you save a considerable amount of money for buying a new property. Go to your bank and have a portion of your monthly pay transferred automatically into your Standard Savings Account.
  • RRSP Account
    The Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a unique type of investment account and a great way to save money. Following are the two main benefits of having an RRSP account:

    • For every dollar saved, you receive a tax credit.
    • You can borrow up to $25K of your balance in RRSP account for the down payment of your first home, by agreeing to the condition of paying it back within 15 years. Also, you won’t lose that tax credit.
  • Brown Bagging
    Instead of frequently buying your lunch from the deli near your office, try recreating your favourites at home and bring a brown bag to work with you. You could manage to save up to $4,000 per year.
  • House Parties
    Instead of spending your weekends at bars or eating out in expensive restaurants with your friends, you could host a house party. It could save you money, and you’ll have a great time too.
  • Skip Coffees & Drinks with Fancy Names
    Drinks and coffees with unique names can be tempting, but they are often quite expensive. Have your office coffee instead or opt for delicious home-brewed beverages to cut down on your expenses.
  • Move Down a Level
    Consider moving to a smaller, less expensive place to save for the down payment of your dream house.
  • Low-Budget Vacation
    Fancy resorts or a European trip may seem exciting and irresistible. However, a simple road trip to explore the local sites is an excellent alternative to have fun and save a few bucks for your new condo. There are also several incredible destinations within driving distance of Toronto where you could go camping.
  • Opt for a Bike
    Make use of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) or other public transport to get to places. You could also opt for bikes to travel in the local areas.

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