Construction Updates

The Davies is well under construction. To keep you informed about the work in progress, regular updates will be posted here. So, check in often to see the changes.

Update Ten: November 2020

The Davies’ elegant built-form is taking shape.

Update Nine: July 2020

As formwork is nearing completion, we are all excited to see the spectacular skyline view from the Rooftop Terrace feature. Windows and pre-cast installations are well underway. The Davies will become an iconic building for its residents.

Update Eight: June 2020

Good progress on the formwork for The Davies. The 9th floor is nearing completion. Verticals, roof and mechanical penthouse are next.

Update Seven: April 2020

Construction at The Davies is moving forward. Now that we have reached the 6th floor you can clearly see the shape of the building. We at The Davies, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these difficult times.

Update Six: February 2020

The Davies construction continues to reach new heights. As our drone looks North, you can see we are now starting the third floor. As the drone flies around the site, you can see the East vista or West beyond Avenue Road and enjoy the beautiful tree-lined neighbourhood in the background.

Update Five: January 22, 2020

The Davies construction program is picking up speed. As our drone flies down, you can see the garage ramp at the south. Continuing into the site from the east, sheer walls, exit stair enclosures, columns, and elevator shafts are being prepared or already formed. Formwork has started for the ceiling/floor at ground/second. Infrastructure electrical and mechanical work continues below and above grade.

Update Four: November 7, 2019

Things are starting to take shape. As our drone pilot surveys the project, you can see the main driveway entrance ramp has now been formed and cast. Vertical formwork is started for the south ramp walls. The private and service elevator cores are complete to the underside of the ground floor slab. Rebar steel and formwork have been started for the thickened ground floor structural transition slab. Preparations are underway at the main entrance planters and north garage connections.

Update Three: August 2019

As our drone flies down into the construction site, garage level P2, concrete floor finishers are utilizing a machine known as a helicopter. This helps to stabilize the concrete and create a level surface. The final zoom shows the P3 elevator lobby taking shape along with exit stairs. Concrete formwork as well as mechanical/electrical rough-in continues.

Update Two: July 17th, 2019

The one metre deep concrete raft is nearing completion. The raft adds weight to the complex and will serve as a monolithic footing for the entire building. A drainage system and granular layer will be installed on top of the raft before we pour the slab-on-grade of the P3 parking level. Columns and walls are being formed and poured which will support the building as well as the next parking level and ramp. The next major milestone for the project is completion of the concrete formwork of the underground garage. There are additional thickened concrete transition slabs which will facilitate the custom finishes of our discerning home owners. Each of these is also considered a schedule milestone. It is projected that we will be forming the roof slab during late winter.

Update One: July 4th, 2019

The one meter deep concrete raft slab along with the elevator pits have been completed. The raft will serve as the slab-on-grade of the P3 parking level. Columns are being formed and poured which will support the suspended slab of the P2 parking deck.


June 18th, 2019