Digging Continues At The Davies

Construction continues at the Davies as excavation has proceeded to P2.

We are happy to be through one of the toughest phases of the construction process. Excavation through P1 for the Davies Construction Team offered very little visual change on a day to day basis. Although there was plenty of work going on “behind the scene” the visual changes were minimal.

During this phase the dewatering system was installed, tested and implemented. This included the installation and testing of just over 45 eductors, (a devise the extracts ground water from the site to prevent flooding), a very time-consuming process. While the dewatering was being installed our forces were also hard at work installing the shoring systems and tensioning tiebacks to ensure the site will not collapse in on itself.

When excavation to P2 is complete, tie backs will once again be installed and tensioned. However, at a faster pace due to several factors including soil composition, and familiarity. This step will be followed by the excavation through to P3, our final underground level, which will not require tiebacks.

Upon completion of excavation, the real tangible part of the construction program will begin. Concrete forming will begin with the installation of the raft slab, followed by the underground levels. Forming is where the most drastic visual day to day change takes place.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the construction process here at The Davies by Brandy Lane Homes.

The Davies is here to help. We will continue to abide by all City of Toronto bylaws as far as permittable work, noise and prescribed construction times. If you have any questions or concerns with regards to the construction or have any complaints please feel free to email Michael Rivait, our Sales and Marketing Manager at [email protected] and I will venture to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your patience.

Michael Rivait
Sales and Marketing Manager
Davies Development Corp

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