Do Condos Appreciate in Value Over Time?

The availability of many new condos for sale in Toronto has increased significantly in recent years. However, when it comes to purchasing a new unit, most people do not know how to assess whether their property will grow in value over time. It helps to know that different types of property face different challenges with regard to appreciation. The rate of value appreciation depends on a variety of external factors, such as location, market trends, and more. It helps to know that a good condo in an excellent location has great potential to get better resale value over time. Read on to learn more about assessing the future market value of a luxury condo.

Top 5 Factors that Influence Condo Appreciation

When thinking about whether your new condo purchase will appreciate, it helps to think like a future potential buyer.

  • Condition of the Property
    The condition of the condo is an essential aspect to consider if you want it to appreciate. Be sure to look at the status and appearance of the individual unit and the building as a whole. When purchasing a new condo, it helps to avoid settling for somewhere rundown. Although buying a house and fixing it up can be a good strategy, this approach is not suitable for condos because you cannot modify the exterior building.
  • Condo Community
    In addition to the condition of the unit and the building, the surrounding community plays a crucial role when it comes to the growth potential of a property. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Are the building and condo amenities good enough for a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle?
    • Does the condo board manage the property well and have a long-term vision?
  • Neighbourhood
    Location is one of the vital factors influencing the appreciation of a property. When analyzing the areas for purchasing a condo, it helps to begin at the center and work outwards. Be sure to start with the unit itself, then move on to the building, the locality, and the city. It helps to look at desirable regions that have good upside potential.
  • Supply and Demand in Real Estate Market
    It helps to understand the fundamentals of supply and demand and its effect on the prices of properties. This is because although you may want to buy a condo at a location that is presently popular, its future value may reduce due to too many condos in the area.
  • The Exclusivity of the Condo
    In addition to the location of the condo, exclusivity is also essential when it comes to property appreciation. This is particularly true for condos that are built to target niche appeal catering to specific markets.

The Davies Offers Luxury Condos for Sale in Downtown Toronto

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