Easy Tips to Meet Your Condo Neighbours

When you move, the idea of meeting the new neighbours can be a bit overwhelming, especially in a building with many people. With these ideas, you can make that task much easier, and less stressful for you.

Take the Stress Out of Meeting People

  • Say Something to Everyone You See – Whether you choose a day or a week, take the time to at least say hello to everyone you pass by in the building. If you can make it more personalized, even better. A comment about something they have with them, or something happening in the city or the building may be more likely to engage them in a conversation. You never know where it could lead, and you may have just started a great friendship with a simple greeting.
  • Do Tasks in A Public Space – Whether you have a book you’ve been meaning to read, emails to catch up on, or are just looking to relax with a coffee, do so in the common areas of the building. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that the communal space has to offer, while also making yourself available to other individuals who live in the condo. It’s a simple way to encounter people who live there and also accomplish things you would otherwise be doing alone.
  • Attend Condo Events – There is almost always something happening in the building. Check the community board to see what events are occurring and pick one or two that seem like they would be interesting to try out. Whether it’s a group fitness class or a discussion on condo policies, you never know who you could meet or what you could learn. You might enjoy it and make a new friend in the process.
  • Spend Time with Your Pet – Animals naturally attract people. Make the most of this by spending as much time walking around the building with your pet and encouraging interaction between people and your furry companion. Introduce them, show off any tricks they know, and ask the other person about their pets. At the very least it’s a great conversation starter and a great way to get to know other residents and be remembered.
  • Have A Get-Together – If you’re the more outgoing type, you can invite people over to your condo for a small gathering to meet them. It doesn’t need to be an expensive party by any means. A happy hour with pizza on a Saturday night or a viewing party for a popular television show or a sporting event are great, casual ideas for getting people together for a meet and greet.

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