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Housing in Canada is Overheating but Don’t Expect a Collapse!

The real estate market in Canada is red hot. Some may even say too hot. While it can be an intimidating time for new buyers to enter the market, new reports are pointing towards a gradual cooling, rather than a dramatic overnight deep freeze as the market slows down. Thankfully, new studies and reports are revealing that a “housing crash” that many have been predicting will not likely come to pass. Many contributing factors are at play, but concerns about buying a new condo in Toronto can be put at ease.

Discover more on this subject and find out why industry professionals are predicting a steady reduction in prices rather than a sudden collapse.

5 Reasons the Canadian Housing Market will Slow Down, Not Crash

It is natural to have concerns that the current real estate climate is not stable. Fears of a collapse are largely unfounded, however. Here are a few reasons experts are saying the housing market will slow down and what this means for people buying new condos in downtown Toronto and across the country:

  • Overvalue: In recent months, homes have become less affordable. The prices in Vancouver and Toronto have been well-documented for their record-highs. It has made the idea of homeownership very difficult and, in some cases, impossible for lower or middle class families. Corrective measures are being taken, with hopes of restoring a less severe socio-economic gap.
  • Reduction of International Capital: Inflows of foreign investment have played a big role in the skyrocketing costs of property, but those investments will gradually decline.
  • Big Cities Will Lead: Toronto and Vancouver’s housing markets have become a big topic and source of concern and their house price growth will be the first to slow. Changes in these big urban centres will have a ripple effect on surrounding areas across the country.
  • Smaller Cities May Face Trouble: Smaller cities may face price declines, and commodity prices could be driven even lower. Studies have pointed to cities in Alberta and Saskatchewan as areas that could face the hardest times.
  • Mortgage Changes: Rising mortgage rates will also help to put an end to the continual growth of housing prices and help to cool the market. Experts are divided on how the changes will impact consumers, but the overall effect should not be bad for Toronto condo owners.

Buying Toronto Condos

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