Discovering the Bata Shoe Museum for
Residents of New Condominiums in Yorkville Toronto

One of the joys of living in Toronto is discovering the city’s deep affinity for culture. A shared value of exploring the past and connecting to the rest of the world is manifested in a wide variety of museums and events for the public to enjoy. Residents of new condominiums in Yorkville have access to numerous exhibits and experiences that celebrate history while building bridges to the future. From music festivals to culinary sensations, the city boasts a multitude of activities that cater to a wide range of interests, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you choose to be a part of The Davie’s luxury living community, you’ll be surrounded by culture and have no shortage places to explore.

The Bata Shoe Museum is one of Toronto’s hidden treasures. This eccentric museum boasts over 13,000 artifacts, all housed in a five-floor, award-winning structure that was designed by Raymond Moriyama. The goal is to celebrate the style and functionality of footwear, past and present, in a way that is enticing and enriching. Whether you’re a footwear fanatic or interested in the progression of daily life, you’re sure to be captivated by this surprising museum.

Top three Bata Shoe Museum attractions for residents of new condominiums in Yorkville Toronto

Side Profile of The Bata Shoe Museum

  1. Explore the history and evolution of footwear: There are hundreds of details that make up our daily lives. From the way we eat to what we wear, everything plays a part in determining how we act and think. Exploring the way people lived in the past helps us understand our present and move towards a better future. If you are fascinated by the way our ancestors lived, you’ll love exploring the Bata Shoe Museum’s extensive collection of footwear that ranges from ancient times to present day. You can observe everything from Chinese bound foot shoes and ancient Egyptian sandals to utilitarian clogs and glamorous platforms. Each pair gives you a small window into a society’s way of life and view of the world. You’ll leave BSM asking yourself “What do my shoes say about my culture?”
  2. Take in the changing exhibitions and semi-permanent displays: The Bata Shoe Museum is always offering something new and exciting. Exhibitions change continuously, leaving residents of The Davies luxury living with a desire to return. The semi-permanent exhibition, All About Shoes, consists of a collection of shoes that spans over 4,500 years. Start by observing shoes from worn in Egypt during ancient times and finish you visit with a walk through the 20th century celebrity shoes display. You’ll be struck by the way shoes have evolved through the years.
  3. Admiring the award-winning work of renowned architect Raymond Moriyama: If you’re not intrigued by 4,500 years of footwear, the design of the building alone is reason enough to tour the Bata Shoe Museum. Raymond Moriyama, renowned architect, has won awards for this five-floor structure that houses four extensive galleries. Marveling at the modern design and ingenuity is a great way for people who embrace The Davies luxury living to spend their day.

Living in new condominiums in Yorkville Toronto gives you a chance to connect to the unique, cultural aspects of the city. Call The Davies luxury living presentation center at 416-873-0862 to schedule a tour and be one of the first to reserve your luxury downtown Toronto condo.

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