How to Prepare for Your Next Move

If you are preparing for a big move, there are several things you will need to check off before you can be on your way. Unfortunately, relocating your living space often requires more work than simply throwing all your possessions into a box. Without a structured plan in place, you run the risk of letting important tasks slip through the cracks and jeopardize your chance at a smooth, successful transition. Preparation is of the utmost importance, especially if you are moving into a new condo in a big city like, Toronto. Save time and reduce the stress that usually accompanies a big move by utilizing an organized checklist.

Condo Moving Checklist

Moving does not have to be an overwhelming experience. Planning in advance will help you avoid any surprises so you can settle into your new home quickly and efficiently. Follow the checklist below to help make sure your move goes smoothly:

  • Decide what to bring: Before you begin to put all your current possessions into boxes, consider eliminating some of these items. Getting rid of things you no longer need will help simplify the move. Earn some extra cash and sell your items online, through a garage sale, or give them away to charity. In addition, take this opportunity to measure all your existing furniture so you can store or replace the pieces that are not compatible with your new condo. Finally, ensure you have labeled moving boxes according to their designated room. This will make it easy to recognize which area of your new condo to unpack them in.
  • Begin to Disconnect: Two weeks before your move-in date, is the ideal time to arrange the disconnection of your utilities and begin to cancel any outstanding subscriptions. Also, notify the post office to direct any incoming mail to your new address and contact your bank to order cheques that reflect these changes as well.
  • Get Moving Quotes: It is important to consider all your options when it comes to condo moving companies. Before you make your choice, be sure to ask for physical estimates and familiarize yourself with the extra costs of utilizing a moving company. Do your research and read customer reviews. A reputable moving company will be registered as AMSA movers in the BBB database. Even if you are confident in your decision, keep money and other valuables on your person during the move at all times.
  • Organize a Travel Plan: If you are moving long distance and have children or pets, it is critical that you organize a travel plan prior to the start of your journey. The move may require that you stay in a hotel before you can safely reach your destination, so ensure that these accommodations are children and pet-friendly to avoid any hassle.
  • Check Movers Bill: Paperwork can be tedious to sort through, especially if you have just experienced a physically demanding move. However, it is important that you read through any and all paperwork that is provided by your moving company. Inspect your belongings for damage and do not hesitate to ask questions or bring up your concerns if something seems amiss.

Your New Home Awaits at The Davies

perfect luxury condo

If you are considering a move to the Toronto area, we have the perfect luxury condo just for you. Located at Avenue Rd. and Cottingham, The Davies condominium provides all the benefits of downtown living while tucked away next to Robertson Davies Park. At just nine stories, this boutique condo will provide residents with an intimate retreat after a long day of pampering in the nearby Yorkville neighbourhood. The building is also ideal for families, as it is just a short walk away from some of the city’s most elite private and public schools. What are you waiting for? Grab your checklist and make your move to The Davies.

For more details on this new condo project in Toronto, contact The Davies at 647-360-9588 and schedule your appointment or register online for more information. Check out the floor plans and discuss available options for your new home with our team.

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