6 Things to Consider Before Your Condo Turnover

Turnover of a condo refers to handing over the physical possession of the unit to its owner. If you are looking at luxury condominiums for sale, it helps to know about the turnover process. Approving a turnover indicates that you feel the unit is in excellent condition and everything is in order. This is why you must know what to examine before signing the contract.

6 Things to Check Before a Property Turnover

  • Read Your Contract Thoroughly
    Be sure to read the fine print of your contract and understand the terms and conditions stated in it. Also, review your property contract to learn about the charges or fees for the turnover. Consult a specialist to ensure the document does not include any hidden charges.
  • Measure the Floor Area
    When you plan to purchase a luxury condo, it helps to know that the sales contract has all the essential details. It also states the measure or area of the unit, generally calculated in square meters. Be sure to confirm the floor area or hire a professional to do it, if necessary. This is because delivering anything different from the figure stated in the document results in a breach.
  • Examine the Ceiling, Flooring, and Walls
    Before signing the turnover, be sure to inspect the condo. Check the flooring to ensure it is even and examine the paint applied on the ceilings and walls of the unit. Make sure there are no chips, cracks, or scratches on the walls. Ask about the rules and regulations to install large ceiling lights or wall-mounted accessories.
  • Review the Furnishings in the Luxury Condo
    The standard fixtures in a unit include the shower, toilet, sink in the kitchen and bathroom, countertop, and more. Inspect the furnishings to ensure they are correctly installed and make sure there are no plumbing problems or leakages in the condo. Be sure to make a note of the furnishings that need repair, if any, and talk to the contractor about it. In addition to this, inspect the electrical outlets and connections.
  • Visit Your Parking Spot
    Generally, the details of parking spots are mentioned in a different contract because you may have to purchase it separately. Review the specifications, including the measurements and the location.
  • Do Not Rush the Inspection Process
    Make sure every part of the unit is covered under the inspection by making a checklist. Note the areas that need to be reworked and inform the contractor about the changes required.

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