A Billion Dollar Park for New Condo Residents in Downtown Toronto

Toronto is known for its livability. Millions have moved into the city, seeking the amenities and entertainment that it has to offer. If you’re a longtime resident, you know that city officials and politicians keep this in mind as they plan and expand the borders. Sustainability sets Toronto apart, inspiring many other Canadian cities to make mindful decisions as they grow.

With new condos in downtown Toronto going up everywhere and the concrete jungle ever expanding, planners have proposed a new city park. Currently, the Davies luxury condo residents will enjoy the benefits of a similar revitalization to the lush Robertson Davies Park adjacent to it.

Rail Deck Park Area in Toronto Marked on a Picture

Why is green space important? Since there essentially is no land downtown for a large, green space, the Rail Deck Park will be built on a deck that encloses the railway lands. This requires the city to purchase the airspace, a novel idea in city planning. The mayor of Toronto announced the project in August 2016, pitching the idea as a “signature park” for the city. This green space will spread 8.5 hectares, between Bathurst Street and Rogers Centre. It will be the “Central Park” of Toronto.

Benefits of Rail Deck Park for Residents of New Condos in Toronto Downtown

Rail Deck Park Before After Images

  1. Rail Deck Park will link Toronto neighborhoods
    Residents of new condos in Toronto downtown love the niche neighborhoods around the city. Every section of town has its own unique vibe, making city life exciting and fun. The new park will unite the city, providing residents with a lovely path that links over 21 acres of waterfront real estate.
  2. A new park will reportedly lead to an economic boom
    The Mayor presented the 21-acre park as a destination that will attract workers and tourists alike. Think of the project as Toronto’s “Central Park.” He and other city officials see Rail Deck Park as an overdue investment in the city and the city’s youth. Despite the estimated 1.05 billion cost, residents and city leaders are overwhelmingly in support and optimistic about the park’s development.
  3. Rail Deck Park provides residents with a green space to gather at
    In the midst of sidewalks and roads, this expansive green space will offer residents a place to gather and escape from the hectic pace of the city. From offering kids a place to play sports to providing the perfect backdrop for an outdoor movie night, Rail Deck Park is sure to be a favorite hangout spot for residents of new condos in downtown Toronto.

As the city fondly known as “The Six” continues to grow, the demand for new condos in Toronto downtown rises. Fortunately for residents of the Davies Luxury condos, the Robertson Davies Park provides many area enhancements, green space and benefits of a revitalized city park neighbourhood. Now is the perfect time to invest in a new luxury condo unit that’s near city center. The Davies condominiums are within walking distance of some of the city’s chicest neighborhoods, exclusive athletic clubs, and premier schools.

Call the sales office at 416-873-0862 to schedule a viewing of the Toronto luxury condo units available that The Davies offers.

Images Courtesy of City of Toronto.

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