A Guide to Discovering the Toronto Summer Music Festival for Residents of The Davies

Classical music lovers rejoice! The Toronto Summer Music Festival and Academy, one of Toronto’s most anticipated cultural events, returns this summer. This international classical music festival has been gracing the city for eleven years, bringing world-renowned musicians to perform for and instruct Toronto residents.

This year, the festival celebrates music of The New World. Performances will take place at Koerner Hall, Walter Hall, Heliconian Hall, and at the University of Toronto. If you’re a resident of new condos in downtown Toronto and appreciate classical music, you should review the schedule and consider purchasing festival passes before they sell out. 

Highlights of the Toronto Summer Music Festival

The Toronto Summer Music Festival is unlike other classical festivals in that it offers an opportunity for attendees to learn from some of the world’s greatest performers. The result of this unique approach is an enriching, holistic experience that betters the community. Check out our list of the festival’s highlights and learn more about how residents of The Davies can get involved below.

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  1. Celebrate the history and mandate of the Toronto Summer Music Festival. Master classes, lectures, and concerts collide at the Toronto Summer Music Festival. This summer, residents of The Davies will have an opportunity revel in the skill and talent of master musicians, while deepening their knowledge of classical music. It’s extremely rare that artists of international stature unite to bring the musicians and music lovers of a community together. This format is unique to the Toronto Summer Music Festival, putting passes in high demand. If you’re interested in attending public performances or learning under some of the featured musicians, purchase your pass today.
  2. Enjoy three weeks of events that celebrate music of The New World. From July 14th to August 7th, performers at the Toronto Summer Music Festival will celebrate the musical traditions of Great Britain. British composers, such as Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Britten, Walton, and more will pay tribute to the British social advances that have revolutionized the Western World. You can also expect performers to touch on the pop music British invasion and a few British Baroque masterpieces. Visit the Toronto Summer Music Festival website to view the full calendar.
  3. Residents of new condos in downtown Toronto can get involved in a variety of ways. Whether you’re an aspiring musician, classical music fanatic, or master performer, there’s a way for you to participate. Classes are open to a limited number of attendees, so secure your spot as soon as possible. If you’re interested in attending numerous performances, look into purchasing a flex pass. This allows you to create your own combination of five, ten, or more performances. If you’re not a huge fan of classical music but want to participate in the culture of your great city, purchase individual tickets. Getting involved at any level is a great way to connect with your community and enrich your time living at The Davies luxury condos.

If you want to be apart of a city that embraces and encourages the arts, purchasing new condos in downtown Toronto may be a move in the right direction. Contact The Davies Luxury Condo Presentation Center by calling 416-873-0862 today.

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