Add Colour to Your Condo with an Accent Wall

When all the walls in your place of residence are the same neutral shade, the effect can actually be rather boring. Adding an accent wall to the space is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to brighten an area and give new dimension to your condo.

If you have one large room, such as a main living area, painting one wall is also a viable strategy for breaking it up. You can create the illusion of two sections when you brighten one of the walls with a pop of colour.

Tips for Accent Wall Success

Simply applying paint is a good way to get started. However, the more creative you are when adorning your accent partition, the better. Do not be afraid to have some fun with this project.

Consider these tips for bringing life to your condominium with your newly-embellished creation:

  • Choose Wisely: Before you select a new hue for your space, give some serious thought to your lifestyle and design preferences. Are you drawn to an earthy look? If so, you may want to colour a single partition in a deep, rich brown. Do you live a fast-paced life, or do you have a bold personality? Then, a vibrant red or vivid blue could be an ideal choice.
  • Colour Pitfalls: Regardless of the new shade you want, you should avoid a few common mistakes. Do not opt for a hue that is too close to the one that the rest of the walls have been painted. Also, use colour swatches to compare the hue you wish to add with the one you already have in your condo. Be sure to hold the swatches next to your furniture and other primary objects. You will want everything in the area to work in a complementary manner.
  • Adding More: Once your chosen divider has been splashed with a new tone, you can embellish it even further. A few well-placed prints or other items could look amazing on the wall. You might hang a painting, several baskets, or theatrical masks to complete the effect you desire. If you can add items that contain a bit of the original colour, the ultimate result should be a room that both blends and contrasts beautifully.

Create Your Perfect Living Space at The Davies

Add Colour to Your Condo with an Accent Wall

When you own a condo at The Davies Condos, your home will already be modern and elegant. You can lend your own design sensibilities to your space in countless ways. Using an accent wall is an ideal strategy for creating new appeal instantly, and such a project may be done in a few days.

To learn more about our exciting condo project in Toronto, contact us at 647-360-9588 for a consultation. You are also welcome to register online for more information. See our floor plans to discover the best match for your household.

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