Beautifying Your Balcony: Tips for Landscape Design

Living in a condo is a unique experience compared to residing in a house. You do not have the responsibility of exterior maintenance, as you would if you owned a house. However, this does not mean you cannot beautify the outdoor space that you do have. In fact, your balcony may serve as a welcome refuge; a place where you can go every day to escape the pressures of a hectic schedule. It may also be a place to entertain friends, loved ones, and colleagues.

You might utilize your outdoor area for a variety of purposes. Regardless of how you designate this space, be sure that the landscaping reflects your intention and offers you comfort and relaxation.

How to Create the Space You Desire with Landscaping

Do not believe for a moment that because the balcony is limited in square feet, your possibilities are limited. You can do much with your outdoor design with the right approach and some creativity.

Consider these tips when planning the landscape for your condo balcony:

  • Light: Before you install any plants outside, examine how much light the area gets each day. Some balconies receive an ample amount of sunlight, while others are only exposed to limited light. This detail will make a difference in terms of the kinds of plants you choose. Grasses, succulents, and various herbs thrive in plenty of direct sunlight, while ivy, many ferns, and begonias do well in shadier environments.
  • Privacy: If you wish to establish a sense of privacy, you might hang a screen or some lattice. In addition, you could also display climbing vines and other shady plants along the screen itself. This is a fresh, green look that both you and your neighbours may appreciate.
  • Evergreens: Not all plant varieties will flourish in the winter, so add some evergreens to your design theme. These will provide greenery at any time of year, which can be a welcome sight during the darkest months of winter.
  • Seasonal: Also remember to make use of seasonal blooms. These will lend additional colour and variety to the space. You need not invest a great deal of thought and planning in this aspect of your landscaping if you do not want to. By simply adding some potted flowers in vibrant hues, for example, you can usher in spring or summer with ease.

Enjoying the Outdoors at The Davies

Tips for Landscape Design

Why sacrifice your enjoyment of the outdoors? When you live at The Davies, our terraces and balconies provide all the fresh air, sunlight, and star-gazing you might want, without the time commitment a large yard would require. Give your balcony a personal touch with landscaping that reflects your lifestyle.

Explore all that our condos have to offer. Call us at 647-360-9588, or register online for information. Our stunning architecture and interiors serve as a perfectly elegant backdrop for those who live here.

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