Best Things to do in Little Italy for Residents of Condos Downtown

The city of Toronto is alive with niche neighborhoods that cultivate a cultural, luxurious atmosphere. When you purchase condos for sale in Toronto's downtown, you’re putting yourself in the center of it all. One of our favorite parts of town is Little Italy.

During the 20th century, Italians began moving to College Street and by the 1920s, the area will filled with homes and family business. The history lives on, as the streets are still lined with two and three story buildings with storefronts and restaurants on the first floor and housing above. This layout caters to community and you can feel the commodity in the air as your explore. This dynamic neighbourhood is home to authentic trattorias, trendy cafes, boutique bars, billiard halls, and some of the most exclusive restaurants in the city. Take a stroll down the street and enjoy the buzz of locals popping in and out of storefronts and visitors enjoying espresso at a sidewalk café.

Six Activities Luxury Condo Residents Won’t Want to Miss

Little Italy Sign in Toronto

  1. Sip espresso at Café Diplomatico: A coffee-lover’s dream destination! This cozy café can be found inside a renovated home with a warm, yellow exterior. The surroundings lend itself to the comforting, relaxed atmosphere that lives on at Café Dipolamtico. If you’re looking for a spot to meet up with friends and enjoy a well-prepared latte or cappuccino, grab a coveted spot on the café’s balcony and enjoy the hum of the neighbourhood.
  2. See the statue of Johnny Lombardi: Stroll down the “Italian Walk of Fame” and take in a piece of the neighbourhood’s history. In a plaza at Grace and College, you can also find the statue of Johnny Lombardi, founder of the country’s first Italian radio station.
  3. Grab a bite to eat at one of the city’s best lunch joints: We can whole-heartedly recommend almost every lunch spot on the street, but one of our favorites is Hey Meatball. This spot is a newer addition to Little Italy, and offers a modern take on Italian classics. You’ll love the pork and beef meatballs or polenta with braised ribs!
  4. Wine and dine at a Toronto hot spot: Little Italy is home to many of the city’s premier restaurants and dessert spots. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Italian fair or a lighter, more modern cuisine, there’s a restaurant for you. Some of our favorite dining options include DaiLo, Campagnolo, and Bar Isabel.
  5. Join the most exclusive club in the city: Handcrafted cocktails have never been so good! The Toronto Temperance Society sets cocktail trends and boasts the city’s best selection of liquors. Their extraordinary level of service and comfortable atmosphere is maintained by admitting only members. They’re currently accepting applications for a limited number of membership spots, so get on the list and indulge in the exclusive experience.
  6. Get a taste of Italian culture with Taste of Little Italy: If you’re new to the area, the Taste of Little Italy festival offers a wonderful introduction! You’ll sample the neighbourhood’s best eats, sip fine wines, shop artisan goods, and experience the friendly cultural that saturates the streets.

Living in a new condo development Toronto connects you to the city’s cultural past, trendy present, and bright future. To schedule an appointment to see The Davies Luxury Condo Sales Center, simply call 416-873-0862.

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