Condo Design Trends for 2018

With the introduction of new condo projects in Toronto every year, the rules and trends of condo design keep evolving. We know how difficult it is to be up to date with these changes, which is why we have done our research and listed the top condominium design trends in 2018.

  • Bold & Bright Hues: Shades of deep purple and blues are a big hit this year since everyone is leaning towards a more vibrant colour palette. You can incorporate them effortlessly into your condo by painting your space, exploring wall art, purchasing furniture, flowers, vases, rugs, and other decorations in these colours. If painting an entire room purple or blue is too much for you, consider adding a feature wall in some variant of these shades instead, and pair it with subtle, neutral tones.
  • Natural Touches: Incorporating foliage, greenery, and florals is an incredible way to create your personal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. For a clean and fresh environment, add a variety of houseplants, use different nature-inspired prints, textures and patterns in wallpaper, and natural materials such as wood and jute for accessories and furnishings.
  • Colourful Kitchen: There has been a substantial change in respect to acceptable kitchen colours. Kitchens are being treated as more of a living room, with everything from cabinets, appliances, accessories, walls, and even the kitchen sink being included in the options for incorporating colour. For a more sophisticated appearance, you can use bolder shades such as cobalt blue, apple red, and jewel tones balanced with neutrals or natural textures.
  • Modern Metallic Look: The usual kitchen materials like stainless steel are being replaced by softer tones of rose gold, vintage brass, copper, and gold. You can incorporate some modern glamour and warmth to your space by using these in everything from appliances to flatware in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Earthly, Soothing Pastels: Following the trend of naturals in homes, you can try soft pastel colours such as peach, iced coffee tones, slightly chalky variants, and muted colours for a soothing and relaxing appearance. Make use of these milder hues in furnishings, wall colours, and accessories like pillow covers, blankets, and table runners.
  • Antiques & Vintage: This trend allows you to show off your family heirlooms and favourite vintage finds. You can mix these with contemporary furnishings to strike a perfect balance between modern and vintage and create a unique space that reflects your personality.
  • Soft Furniture with Plush Textures: Soft curves on furniture are preferred over sharp-edged designs this year. Rounded corners, ruffles, and softer lines are becoming a favourite of many. Achieve this look with U-shaped chairs, cozy armchairs, fluffy rugs, and add accessories made from other plush fabrics for a more inviting look.

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