Discover Toronto’s Literary Wonders at the
Robarts Library

The Robarts Library is a pillar of the University of Toronto and the surrounding community of luxury condos near Yorkville Toronto. With over 4.5 million books, 4.1 million microforms, and 740,000 other items, Robarts Library is one of the largest libraries in North America and has something for everyone to enjoy. All 14-stories of the library are open to members of the public for browsing and studying, so you can visit anytime and indulge in the comforts of a good book or expand your understanding of any number of subjects.

Besides being a “central storage for humankind’s recorded thoughts and inspiration,” the library also serves as a sanctuary for modern writers, a set for filmmakers, and a brilliant example of Brutalist Architecture. Check out our list of things to do at Robarts Library for residents of The Davies luxury condos near Yorkville Toronto and see why this destination is considered one of Toronto’s top 10 landmarks.

  1. Appreciate a fine example of Brutalist Architecture. Composed entirely of concrete, Robarts Library is a brilliant example of Brutalism Architecture. Brutalism was popular from 1960-1970, and has recently been gaining a new wave of recognition. Few materials offer the architect such a wonderful opportunity to create any shape imaginable. Concrete can take many forms, resulting in dream-like geometric sculptures that seem more like artwork than buildings.
  2. Explore the vast collection of books and scholarly articles that make up one of the world’s finest libraries. The Robarts Library is apart of the University of Toronto’s library system, which was ranked among the top three in North America. Equated with Harvard and Yale, the Robarts Library has the capacity to support new kinds of research that will direct the nation’s teaching and lead to cultural revolutions. As a resident of The Davies luxury condos, you can wander the halls and take in the expansive isles of information for yourself.
  3. Visit the set pop culture embraced. The library has served as a set for numerous television shows and films, such as Friends, Resident Evil: Afterlife, and Starship Invasions. It also inspired Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose, and is thought to be the model for the secret library that appears in the book. If you’re a fan of any of these shows or Umberto Eco’s work, you’ll enjoy exploring the halls and finding yourself in a fictional world.
  4. Enjoy the sweet aroma of the cherry blossoms that fill the air. At peak season, the 70 trees that line the sidewalk leading to Robarts Library fill the sky with beautiful pink blooms. The subtle hues and sweet aroma create a sensory experience that inspires.

Front View of Robarts Library

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