Discover a World-Class Musical Experience in Koerner Hall

According to the Royal Conservatory of Music, the finest instrument is the mind. For residents of The Davies Condo in Toronto, world-class musicians and performances are just 1.5 km or 4-5 minutes walking distance away. A stunning 1,135 seat concert named after leading Canadian philanthropists Sonja and Michael M. Koerner that opened its doors in 2009,  Koerner hall is part of the Royal Conservatory’s extension and redevelopment at the TELUS Centre for Learning and Performance. Since then, it has been referred to as the “final jewel in the cultural crown of Toronto" and is a great destination for tourists, musicians, show goers and residents of downtown Toronto as part of a culturally enriched lifestyle.

Top 4 Reasons Why Koerner Hall is Worth a Visit

  1. Architecture: Though the exterior of the hall is decidedly unassuming, its architecture exudes special quality at every turn and corner of the facility. It is designed in the tradition of the classic "shoebox" venues of Europe without any compromise and serene, beautiful and is favorite among the architectural restoration and edition buildings in the city. Its design includes a set of glass lobbies that offer splendid views of the green scenery of Philosopher’s Walk, the skyline of the University of Toronto and other parts of the city. The lobbies provide a casual as well as a sophisticated venue for refreshments during intermissions, meetings, small receptions, dinners and a unique space for gala functions as well. This concert hall is a part of Toronto's Conservatory of Music, just steps away from The Davies, the magnificent condos for sale across Downtown, Toronto. The three-storey concert venue is conveniently located on the subway line and plenty of taxis to pick you up after the show and on to your next adventure nearby.
  2. Acoustics: Looking for a larger-than-life iMax experience in an acclaimed acoustic performance space for all genres? Sound engineers spent over two months in Koerner Hall fine-tuning the space with it’s wood trim and high celing with curved wood spaces to achieve acoustic perfection for all genres. As sounds are amplified in the hall, audience members are usually informed to remain exceptionally quiet during performances as coughing and rustling noises can distract from the performance. As a result, the acoustics in Koerner Hall are intimate, velvet, stunning and great for instrumets or vocal performances. Sounds like a great way to spend an evening for residents of The Davies luxury condos.  
  3. Schedule Of Events: Looking for a specific music genre or performance experience? Koerner Hall features a wide range of events with it’s first-rate projection and communication technology, making it a perfect place for films, lectures, music events and educational or professional conferences. Check out the event schedule to choose a classical, jazz, pop, opera, or world-class music performance that will surely be an unforgettable experience. You can book tickets online for any event, available on the day of the event on the phones lines right up until the performance begins. Become an enthusiast and premium subscriber by booking tickets for 4-7 Royal Conservatory-presented concerts to receive further discounts for group sales and purchases. Subscribers receive benefits throughout the season, including continued discounts, advanced ticket presales, and invitations to exclusive VIP events.
  4. Livestream Events: Not able to catch a live performance? Not to worry, Koerner Hall offers Livestream events with it’s first-class projection and communication technology to connect, record and share live performances to audiences unable to attend in person. Along with it’s world-class acoustics, Koerner hall is very well-equipped with all the amenities and technology that can still give you an exhilarating experience in the comfort of your home or office. You can also use live stream events for business meetings, seminars or conferences. Check out some of the Livestream events available right now at your finger tips.

Koerner Hall Auditorium

A visit to Koerner Hall is worth planning ahead and just one of the many attractions for new condos residents in Toronto! Check out their event schedule and experience the stunning architecture and acoustics of this unique concert hall near the Davies, the best condo for sale in Downtown Toronto. For interested condo buyers, drop by The Davies Sales office or call 416 873-0862 for more details.

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