Exploring Koreatown – Things to do for Residents of New Condos for Sale Toronto

Diversity is the pride of Toronto. The city embraces a wide array of cultures, encouraging differences that add depth and interest to the community. We love to call this great city home, because there’s always something new to learn or somewhere new to explore. If you’re looking for a condominium for sale in Toronto, chances are you embrace exciting, cultural experiences and seek out the unfamiliar as a chance to learn and grow. When you move into a new condo in Toronto, you’ll love discovering Toronto’s niche neighborhoods and cultural pockets that transport you halfway around the world.

One of our favorite cultural neighbourhoods to explore in Toronto is Koreatown. Located just west of the Annex, this small stretch along Bloor presents Toronto residents with the opportunity to experience authentic Korean culture, if only in a small dose. If you’re a fan of Korean music, food or culture, you’ll love this unique Toronto district.

Top Three Things to Do in Koreatown for Residents of New Condos for Sale Toronto

Members of the Korean-Canadian community aren’t the only regular visitors of Koreatown. This strip of town welcomes hungry students, tourists, and curious residents with open arms. If you dare to venture west of Honest Ed’s, you’ll be met by a delightful mix of Korean grocery stores, restaurants, and karaoke bars that offer a cultural experience that is refreshing and enlightening. Here are the top thee attractions that residents of new condos for sale Toronto won’t want to miss.

Toronto Korean Town

  1. Buy locally grown produce at the Bloor Fruit Market.
    The Bloor Fruit Market makes it easy to purchase locally grown produce at great prices! This market offers a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, all fresh and perfectly ripened. It has been named one of the top 5 Downtown Toronto Fruit Markets by BlogTO.com and your taste buds will thank you.
  2. Enjoy unique beverages at Cup O House.
    Looking for an alternative to your morning cup of coffee? This café specializes in milk tea and frosted milk drinks that come in dozens of flavours. Whether you want a fruity, sweet drink or a green tea, this quaint café has something for you.
  3. Party with friends at BMB Karaoke.
    BMB Karaoke is a favorite hotspot among residents of condominium for sale in Toronto. It’s one of the largest karaoke spots in Koreatown and is open until 5am on Fridays and
    Saturdays, so you can sing the night away in a private room! All of the fun with none of the embarrassment!

Besides these three standout shops and activities, there are countless dining options to choose from. The food and atmosphere provides the perfect mini escape from everyday life in the city.

If you want to live in the heart of bustling Toronto with a bustling Korean culture experience, call The Davies luxury condos presentation center at 416-873-0862 to schedule a tour of a model unit. Our new condos for sale Toronto are selling fast, so contact us today to learn more about life in the city.

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