Exploring Toronto’s Niche Neighbourhoods— New Condominiums Toronto Near the Bloorcourt Neighbourhood

One of the benefits of living in Toronto is that there are plenty of niche neighbourhoods to cater to every demographic, and there’s a growth of neighborhoods along the city’s transit lines. The Bloorcourt Neighbourhood is a collection of quaint streets between Christie Pits and Dufferin that are brimming with new businesses and dining options and residents love to take in the calm amongst the bustling streets of Toronto.

If you’re a new condominium resident in Toronto and you’re looking for a mini escape, come take a walk around the Bloorcourt Neighbourhood. You’ll love exploring the best that Toronto niche neighborhoods have to offer.

The activities and restaurants in the Bloorcourt Neighbourhood are simply divine! There is a wide array of nationalities represented, reflecting the diversity of the local community. Venturing to Bloorcourt Neighborhood from your new condo for sale during an afternoon or dinner is like taking a mini trip around the globe!

Things To Do Around The Bloorcourt Neighbourhood, For Residents of New Condos in Toronto

Checkout our list of restaurants and activities located in the Bloorcourt Neighbourhood and start planning your next afternoon escape.

The Common, Toronto

  1. Experience authentic Ethiopian cuisine at African Palace
    You’ll find this homey Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant just west of Shaw Street on Bloor West in Toronto. The interior is cozy (there are only 7 tables in the restaurant and they fill up fast, so get there early!) and the staff is uncommonly friendly. Besides the refreshing atmosphere, the restaurant is also known for serving up wonderful, authentic cuisine of veggie or meat platters. This meal is worth the journey to African Palace in the Bloorcourt neighbourhood for residents of new condominiums Toronto.
  2. Grab coffee at The Common
    We all know and love The Common just east of Dufferin St on College, but this new location is giving the original a run for its money! Featuring the same smooth blends and $2 Americanos, this café offers everything we’ve come to expect from The Common, but with more space! The extra seating and open floor plan lends itself to becoming an ‘office’ of sorts, perfect for young professionals and students alike.
  3. Admire contemporary art at Cooper Cole
    Cooper Cole Gallery’s new location features a spacious main room and several smaller rooms and enclaves, providing the perfect backdrop for art shows. The vibe is minimal, yet rough, contrasting the fine craftsmanship you’ll see on display. If you’re a resident of a new condo for sale that enjoys serious, conceptual pieces, you’ll want to plan a trip to Cooper Cole gallery to check out their upcoming exhibitions today.

Toronto’s niche neighbourhoods cater to every appetite and taste. If you hop the subway downtown, it’s easy to get lost in the unique pockets of the city. If you’d like to live in a central location that gives you easy access to the city’s cultural hubs, give The Davies luxury presentation center a call today at 416-873-0862. We’ll tour you around new condominiums Toronto and give you more information about how you can be among the first to call The Davies luxury condos home.

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