Important Things to Consider To Find Good Value in Real Estate

With the real estate market offering good returns, the luxury condos in Toronto have become a popular form of investment. To get the maximum value for your money, you should know what to look for when investing in real estate and what qualifies as a “good” investment.

What Does Good Value Mean in Real Estate?

The meaning of good value is different for individuals. It depends on their requirements such as finding a condo below the average cost for the building or locating a building that offers units below the neighbourhood average.

Here are a few examples of good value opportunities:

  • Global Value
    On an international level, good value in real estate would be to purchase a luxury condo when the value of the Canadian Dollar is low so that the buyer can benefit from both, the appreciation and exchange rate.
  • Future Value
    It refers to the difference in value when we compare the current rate of resale of a unit with the cost of a pre-construction condo. If you want to invest, you can raise equity by renting out the place even while the property continues to increase in value.
  • Seasonal Value
    The time of the year you invest in real estate can also determine the real worth of the property. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the right time precisely, you could look for seasonal purchases. For instance, you could buy a condo in the summer months or holiday season when there is low competition. This will help you find good properties below the prices at peak time.
  • Hidden Value
    Usually, people shy away from condo units that may require repair work to make it look acceptable. However, if you consider such options and accurately plan and manage the renovation activities, you could get good value for your investment. You could also look into condo units that aren’t staged or marketed well.

Spotting a Good Real Estate Investment

Deciding what you are looking for and establishing your definition of good value are the most significant aspects of reaping benefits by investing in a luxury condo in Toronto. Here are a few rules and factors to consider when investing in real estate:

  • Research
    How will you know if a unit is under or over-priced if you are not aware of its pricing trends? Study the market pricing and decide accordingly.
  • Realistic Goals
    If your requirements are irrational, you will not be able to find a unit no matter how patiently you wait for it.
  • Identify Emerging Markets
    Everyone is aware of the areas where the competition is high. Look for luxury condos in a location that, although not high on the list, looks promising in the future.
  • Pay Attention to Job Trends
    Since a property’s growth is affected by the economy, it is crucial to watch job and social tendencies to understand the actual value of a location.

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