Drool-worthy DuPont Street restaurants for Luxury Condo residents near Summerhill, Toronto

Just around the corner from Robertson Davies Park in Toronto, residents of The Davies are privy to a wide selection of lip-smacking fare in an array of restaurants along DuPont Street between Avenue Road and Bathurst St. It’s a vibrant neighbourhood brimming with history, architectural houses and contemporary dining establishments ready to comfort the hungry. The area has been going through a revitalization including improvements to the parks and plans to salve an original brick warehouse that will conveniently hold a Metro and Shoppers Drug Mart once completed. This affluent area is complete with a lot of beautiful homes that have been designed in an array of styles including Victoria, Edwardian, Georgian, English Cottage and Romanesque just to name a few. Today, this area fondly called the Annex is known as one of Toronto’s most classic neighbourhoods to live in with its mix of friendly and diverse residents and thriving commercial district.

The Anthony Rose Empire

Known as the "Judd Apatow" of Toronto’s restaurant industry, Anthony Rose became a restaurateur in 2012 after popularizing the pulled pork and artery-busting burgers. His has a chain of restaurants in Toronto that cater to various tastes.

  • Big Crow:  Big Crow, a newly opened backyard BBQ joint, allows you to enjoy outdoor eating with your hands amidst trees encircling the long rows of shared picnic tables under a tented canopy. Their starters are small and large crow plates, side dishes, and desserts. Servings are good for sharing with cocktails that can be ordered by the pitcher for each table. Dinner is served at 5 pm on weekdays while lunch is served at 11 am from Thursday to Sunday. Walk-ins and limited reservations are accepted.
  • Rose and Sons Swan:  Launched in 2012, Rose and Sons Swan became an instant hit for comfort food, with choices ranging from fried, breaded or coated in cheddar flavoured with Dr. Pepper-flavoured bacon. Following a paleo diet/lifestyle, they serve plenty of vegetables, with protein, nuts and more. It may not be the cheapest but definitely not the most expensive. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays, with brunch and dinner on weekends, the place boasts of a big beautiful backyard.
  • Bar Bergonia:  This Parisian-style bar has curved wooden benches, marble-topped tables, a Basquiat print in front and contour drawings of adult, naked ladies on a wall. Drinks are mixed on the horseshoe-shaped bar, with seasonal house creations offered for cocktails that vary every few months, popular favourites, the local brews and ciders, French wine, and Prince Edward County, and de Mello Palheta bean coffee for caffeine lovers. Reminiscent of countryside home-cooking, it is open 7 days/week from 11 am until 2 am.

For the Health Conscious

Ready to recover from a great night of dancing and dining in Yorkville? Then grab a healthy snack at Live Organic Food Bar. Feast your taste buds with their luxurious vegan, sugar-and-gluten-free foods. Advocating healthy eating and cleaning the environment, customers are treated with organic, reasonable options. All dishes have no meat, and foods are cooked in less than 40oC temperature to seal the nutrients. This bar keeps up to the healthy lifestyle that the Davies condo projects Toronto offers where you can have a leisurely 9-minute walk to the Summerhill Subway Station.

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Something New and Different

Dare to try a new and different taste, where you only get farm fresh produce, meat and ingredients? Here are two restaurants in DuPont to try.

  • Fanny Chadwick’s:  Converted into a new cozy, gastronomic nook, is best known for serving locally sourced and naturally raised meat. Curing and smoking of meats, condiments and desserts are prepared by the partners. This restaurant serves Farm Fresh eggs and Ocean Wise-certified fish and seafood, and Mennonite farms’ Artisanal Cheeses. Drinks include iced tea, homemade sodas, clamato juice to go with the Caesars salad, 12 Ontario Craft Beers on tap, and international wines.
  • Playa Cabana:  Literally translated to “beach cabin”, Playa Cabana is situated on the quiet suburban sector of DuPont St. Food choices are Mexican-inspired using fresh ingredients and prepared onsite. They offer plenty of spirits from all over the globe, pure and made of 100% blue agave tequilas. Their menu includes tacos & burritos, with homemade tortillas & salsa, grilled octopus in a smoky-charred jalapeño salsa, charred corn cobs rubbed in pequin chili, lime and queso fresco, rellenos chilies and more.

Cultured Culinary Restaurants

Visit Aviv Restaurant and Fat Pasha to experiment the Mediterranean/European fare.

  • Aviv Restaurant:  Owned and operated by Chef Al Garber and Robert Chee, Aviv Restaurant boasts of Mediterranean fresh and delectable dishes from Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey and the Middle East. Savour their authentic Grilled Haloumi Salad with Tiger Shrimps, Hand Rolled Potatio Gnocchi, Jerusalem Fattoush Salad, Persian Spiced Duck Breast, Shashuka, Merrakesh Braised Lamb Shank, or their Think Crust Stretch to Order Pizzas and more! Aviv serves lunch, dinner and weekend brunch with free adequate parking after 5 pm and the whole day on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Fat Pasha: Fat Pasha offers a mixture of Israeli and Sephardic dishes that include street foods like salads and mixed grill fish or latkes with caviar on top, and more. Don’t miss their “chopped liver a la Sammies Roumanian” blended with hard boiled eggs, crunchy fried chicken skin cracklings, deeply caramelized onions and fresh radish. Drinks options include the red and white Norm Hardie on tap, Beau’s and Steam Whistle on tap, Conintreau, and strained grapefruit juice. It is open the whole week from 5 pm.

Living at The Davies luxury condos provides easy access to the revitalized DuPont street area with the wide selection of restaurants and residential homes. Come and see why it was considered until the 1920’s as one of the most luxurious areas of Toronto. Call The Davies sales office at 416-873-0862 for more information about the luxury condo for sale in downtown Toronto.

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