Luxury Vehicles for Residents of Luxury Condos

Proximity to Many of the Luxury Car Dealerships in Toronto

Many real estate agents and property investors essentially live by the phrase, or mantra, of location, location, location.  There is good reason why these individuals often repeat the term at least three times – it is commonly-accepted that the location of any home or residence will have a direct influence on its value.  Although two homes may be built in identical fashion, right down to the smallest of details, the one considered to be situated in the better location will be attributed a higher value.

There are many factors that need to co-exist in order to create an ideal or prime location for any type of residence.  These dynamics generally include but are not limited to:

  • Economic stability of the neighbourhood
  • Proximity to shopping and entertainment
  • Proximity to nature and outdoor recreation
  • Panoramic views of the city, greenbelts, etc.
  • Ease-of-access to public transportation, schools
  • Availability of emergency and health care services

And this is what makes The Davies, high-end luxury condos on Avenue Road in Toronto that overlook Robertson Davies Park, an ideal location for the discriminating homeowner.  In addition to the stunning view of the park and the city from its individual condos and penthouses, The Davies is idyllically positioned, often within walking distance, of shops and restaurants, arts and culture, private clubs/recreational facilities, and some of the best private and public schools in the city.

But there is one aspect to the luxury lifestyle of The Davies that adds distinctiveness to this sublime location – proximity to many of the luxury car dealerships in Toronto.  For residents of The Davies who want to own or lease top-of-the-line vehicles, they can take advantage of having these dealerships close by, rather than having to travel around the city, or perhaps even out of the city, to see and test drive their makes and models of choice.

Time set aside for car shopping can be maximized, compressed into a few hours or parts of a few days, instead of having significant portions of available time consumed just by traveling from one dealership to another.  From their home at The Davies on Avenue Road at Cottingham, high-end car enthusiasts will fundamentally be centrally-located to compare and contrast various models from the following manufacturers and more:

Augment an Idyllic Condo Lifestyle with a High-End Vehicle

Lamborghini in a row on the motor show

One of the many pleasures of owning a prestige vehicle is the concept of ‘driving in style’ to the cottage, to social events or receptions, and yes, even to and from the office.  And these trips can be bracketed by the fact that the vehicle owners depart from and return to their high-end condo or penthouse at The Davies – in essence, one is an extension of the other.

And yet despite their price tag, luxury vehicles still need routine maintenance in order to retain their high performance levels.  As with most new vehicle purchases, service plans are often included as part of the warranty package – provided that the vehicle is brought back to the specific dealership for servicing.

This can be particularly inconvenient for vehicle owners who live a considerable distance away from the dealership; it could mean as much as a half-day in combined travel and service times, or perhaps that another family member may need to act as a chauffeur for the day.  Not so for residents of The Davies whose lifestyle includes one or more exotic vehicles from such manufacturers as:

With a concentration of luxury auto dealerships in the vicinity of The Davies, residents of these condos will likely experience less inconvenience when their vehicles are in need of servicing.  Travel times to and from the dealership will be minimal, including any time needed for the dealerships’ shuttle services to ferry their clients to work or back home.

Purchasing a luxury vehicle should be an exhilarating and highly enjoyable experience; it should not be tempered or subdued by the need to invest unproductive time in traveling from dealership to dealership to dealership.  For residents of The Davies who may be in the market for such a vehicle, or vehicles, its proximity to numerous high-end dealers is an ideal setting to support and enable the purchasing process.

Living in a high-end condo or luxury penthouse at The Davies affords easy access to the amenities and dynamics that constitute the ideal location for real estate; it also provides the uniqueness of close proximity to many of Toronto’s luxury car dealerships.  Call The Davies sales office today at 416-873-0862 to learn more about this idyllic residential location and how it can augment your lifestyle.

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