New Condo Projects Toronto: Honest Ed’s to
become public market & rental housing

The city of Toronto is a hub of development and culture. Numerous chefs, artists, and musicians have moved into town, promoting a lively atmosphere. There’s no shortage of activities to partake in and events to attend. As the city’s center evolves, more individuals are moving in to experience the Toronto community. Developers are continuously reshaping the residential and commercial areas, making now an exciting time to live downtown.

Downtown Toronto condos new developments are going in quickly and the market is hot. The Davies is one of the city’s premiere housing developments, offering residents a coveted combination of luxury and convenience. Another interesting addition to the neighbourhood for The Davies residents are the changes coming to one of Toronto’s most beloved nostalgic landmarks.

The New Era of the Honest Ed’s Landmark in Toronto

As Toronto grows, dilapidated city landmarks are being replaced with condo and housing establishments. Westbank, a Vancouver-based developer, plans to transform Honest Ed’s into an eclectic residential neighbourhood that consists of 40 buildings.

The focal point of the new community? A public market inspired by New York’s Flatiron District. While many believe the project will enhance the neighborhood, some are grappling with letting go of the past. Honest Ed’s is a landmark discount store that opened in 1948. It is named after the man who opened it, Ed Mirvish. He oversaw the stores operations for almost 60 years, until his death in 2007, and was a beloved member of the community.

Artists Render of the New Honest Ed's Landmark Site in Toronto

Honest Ed’s is so large and eccentric that it’s hard to miss. Located on the corner of Bloor and Bathurst, the store consists of two buildings that run the entire length of the block. It is connected by a walkway that links up the west building on Markham Street and the east building on Bathurst Street. The front is covered in red and yellow signs that advertise the name. Similar to the front of a theater, the signs are lit up with over 23,000 light bulbs. Unlike the exterior, the interior is modest. Once inside, you’ll find simple displays of low-priced merchandise, ranging from vacuum cleaners and winter coats to kitchenware, toys and grocery items.

The condo projects Toronto going in will attempt to preserve the memory of Honest Ed’s by including micro stores curated by the Centre for Social Innovation. The stores will feature bright signs, giving a subtle nod to the land’s original occupant. Besides stores, the project will also include over 1,000 rental units, 57 live/work artist studios, and a covered events space.

Luxury Living in New Condo Projects Toronto

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