Determining the Value of a New Condominium Investment

Toronto’s real estate market trends and analysis show that investing in real estate, especially condos, has become profitable in the past few years. This is because it offers a high return on investment. If you are planning to purchase a new condominium in Toronto, it is crucial to consider all the essential aspects to make the right decision. This can help you understand what is viewed as a good investment when it comes to luxury condominiums. We have put together this guide to help determine the actual value of a condo to help buyers make an informed choice.

Market Value of a New Condominium

The market value of a condo is the price your property would get in the current market. It depends on many factors, such as the socio-political situation, economy, and location.

Conducting Market Analysis

Analyzing the market helps to determine the worth of your condo. It is based on the following aspects:

  • Transit Options
    Having easy access to transport facilities can help you get good value for your unit. It ensures connectivity and is considered as a sign of a good neighbourhood.
  • Walk Score
    This refers to the walkable distance from facilities such as hospitals, stores, restaurants, schools, and more. A high score is also an indication of a good neighbourhood.
  • Demography
    Most people fail to realize that the demography of an area is a crucial factor that can help you determine the value of a condo. It helps to consider the composition of the population that often reflects the security and environment condition of the area.
  • Demography
    It is wise to consider the future value of the condo. This is because if you decide to sell the unit in the future, it should be a profitable transaction.

Determining the Market Value of a Condo

Adopting a comparative approach can help you determine the exact market value of your condominium. This can help you decide whether it is wise to purchase it. You can do this by considering the following two crucial aspects:

  • Value of Other Pre-Construction Condos
    If you are planning to buy a condo that is still under construction, it is essential to know the price of other similar constructions. This will help you ascertain the value of your condo.
  • Value of Other Similar Resale Condos in Comparable Localities
    If you are purchasing a condo that is fully constructed, it helps to conduct an analysis to determine the price of other similar units in neighbourhoods that are alike.

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