Reasons to Discover Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, Toronto’s First Dedicated Documentary Cinema

Toronto’s artistic bent is rooted in the city’s rich, cultural history. The previous century is marked by a passion for learning and the arts, heavily influencing the modern city we know and love today.

The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, formally known as The Bloor Cinema, was Toronto’s first dedicated documentary cinema that satisfied the residents’ longing for knowledge and entertainment. Opened on December 23, 1913, the theatre has been an anchor of the city for over 100 years. Located in The Annex district of downtown, near the Bathurst subway station, and was one of the first picture places in Toronto. The theatre paved the way for Allen’s Bloor Theatre, currently known as Lee’s Palace, and the Alhambra Theatre, both located in the same neighborhood.

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema is known for offering a year-round home for first-run Canadian and international documentaries, special documentary presentations and showcases, and hosting a number of the city’s independent film festivals. .

The Best of Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

You don’t have to be a film buff to appreciate the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. The theatre hosts numerous events for the public to enjoy and welcomes visitors to come and learn about the century-old landmark. If you’ve purchased a new condo for sale in Toronto, be sure to stop by and checkout out the best of Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

  1. Embrace the city’s cultural history. Originally known as the Madison Theatre, The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema was one of the first film houses in the city of Toronto. In 1940, the original building was demolished and rebuilt, following the blueprints of renowned theatre architects Kaplan & Sprachman. The theatre was then reopened and become exceedingly popular during the 1940s and 1950s. During the 1960s and 1970s, theatre attendance dwindled, so the theatre began showing heavily censored adult films. In the early 1980s, the theater was renamed and began offering first-run films for the increasingly family-oriented neighborhood. Within a year, new management had taken over, introducing membership and offering classic and genre film programming that resulted in an increase in attendance and popularity. Since then, the theatre has undergone another transfer of ownership, leading it to become the modern film house we know today. Visiting the theatre is like taking a step back in time, leading to a greater appreciation of the neighborhood and modern cinema.
  2. Attend North America’s largest documentary festival. Every year in May, the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema hosts North America’s largest documentary film festival. Over 200 films from Canada and around the world are shown, exposing residents of The Davies condos and other Canadian citizens to films that engage a wide variety of subjects. Purchase your tickets early, because showings sell out fast!
  3. Relive the cult classic – “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Every month, the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema shows The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and invites attendees to get involved by dressing the part. Toronto’s own Shadow Cast performs a comedic, satirical version for the audience during the show, bringing the cult classic to life.
  4. Celebrate the holiday season with a festive flick. Every December, the theatre shows holiday classics, such as Home Alone, White Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and more. Tickets for the event are free, so it’s a great time to bring your whole family to see a show!

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