Revitalization highlights for better living by Brandy Lane Homes at the Robertson Davies Park in downtown Toronto

Revitalization in Toronto comes in different shapes, sizes & styles across different neighborhoods. It is of utmost importance to understand the community and its residents, create an attractive walkable neighborhood, and build equity in the area and diversify the local economy. This is just a small list of themes and initiatives that condominium and real estate developers must take, working alongside cities in an effort to create more livable communities for condo residents in downtown Toronto.

“It was really important for it to have a real sense of presence, place and a sense of arrival. We didn’t go for the typical glass building which has become a bit too prevalent in the city as far as I’m concerned,” says David Hirsch, CEO of Brandy Lane Homes. Hirsh immediately recognized the importance to develop a strong relationship between the intimate nine-storey build and the lush park adjacent to it for this new condo project in Toronto.

Robertson Davies Park – a landscape to honor one of Canada’s contributors to world literature

Designed by Daniel Cowling of SMV Architects, The Davies condo project in Toronto by Brandy Lane Homes will be an architecturally iconic condominium development to fit elegantly into the established neighbourhood near the exclusive Yorkville area. Robertson Davies Park is named after Robertson Davies, the internationally known Canadian author of Fifth Business, who lived for 15 years around the corner of Avenue Road and Cottingham Street. Mr. Davies was educated at Upper Canada College nearby before serving as founding master of Massey College at the University of Toronto and was remembered in a ceremony when the park was unveiled in 2007.

Robertson Davies Park

Best Robertson Davies Park features Yorkville Toronto residents should look forward to

  1. Area Enhancements: Look for agriculture enhancements at this Brandy Lane Homes development with more trees and landscaping designed by NAK Design Group in the adjacent Robertson Davies Park along with the scenic view of Toronto’s iconic architecture skyline. Enjoy balanced urban living harmony with additional features at The Davies including its Rooftop Lounge with outdoor reading gardens, sunbathing area & wet bar area at The Davies.
  2. Walkways for an Active Luxury Lifestyle: Tired after spending a day at the Kensington market? Take advantage of the additional walkways and green space with the enhancement of Robertson Davies Park by Brandy Lane Homes in conjunction with The Davies. Take a break from the hustle of downtown Toronto with a friendly stroll in the neighborhood with Rocky and Rover or a brisk walk before a big meeting. Residents of The Davies can also take advantage of the convenient dog wash stations available on the main floor of the elegant boutique condominium on Avenue Road at Cottingham.
  3. Benches and Green Space: The Davies is perfect for families, friends and owners of four-legged residents with a vibrant lifestyle. Added benches and sitting areas provides a welcoming and outdoor lifestyle for early morning walk or late evening strolls. A friend of the late author, Professor James Carley, said simply on thematic ideas of how to make the neighbourhood a more ‘Daviesian’ park: “Benches. Quiet places where you sit and think.” We couldn’t agree more.

Plan for The Davies Park Revitalization

From simple pleasures to ultimate luxuries, the revitalization features at The Davies luxury condo by Brandy Lanes Homes is perfect for the discerning Downtown Torontonian resident. Drop by The Davies sales office or call 416 873-0862 for more details.

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