Top Amenities for New Condos in Toronto

The amount you pay as a condo fee includes a price for the amenities that come with the building. If you are planning to buy a new condo, you need to consider the condominium fee you have to pay and the facilities you get to use in return. As a leading builder of luxury condos in Toronto, we have broken down what are considered the top amenities in new condo units from functionality and value point of view so you can make an informed choice.

Valuing Different Facilities in a New Condo

When buying a luxury condo, it helps to keep the following in mind:

  • Create a list of the amenities that come along with the unit.
  • Do not get blindsided by the number of options or the picture of extravagance portrayed.
  • Determine which facilities you will need and make use of after moving into the unit.
  • Decide whether the amount is worth paying for the amenities.

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Essential Facilities that a Luxury Condo Must Have

In addition to opting for thoughtfully and artfully designed condos, listed below are a few amenities that you must look for when buying a new luxury condo unit:

  • Concierge and Security Services
    This is an essential amenity that people look for when buying a new condo. Whether for safety reasons or for the peace of mind that packages will be delivered safely, people prefer to have professional services. This is why 24/7 concierge and security services are becoming common in most new condominiums.
  • Rooftop Deck
    Most condo buyers look for some additional outdoor space, preferably with a great view. They feel that it gives them extra breathing room and space where they can relax. Despite having a balcony, most potential buyers love the idea of having a rooftop lounge in their building.
  • Gym
    With many people being more health-conscious, condo buyers look for a well-equipped fitness room instead of having to get a membership at a gym away from their home.
  • Guest Suites
    People like to have separate guest suites as a part of their condo purchase that they can use to entertain company.
  • Outdoor Garden
    Gardens with definitive seating areas are a popular amenity that most buildings offer. This is because people prefer to have open areas in their building where they can sit back and enjoy the skyline.
  • Meeting Rooms
    People also look for a conference room in their building where they can host any impromptu meetings or small gatherings.
  • Entertaining Units
    Often known as a party room, condo buyers often ask for a separate room that they can use for hosting a small party or entertaining guests.
  • Dog Wash Area
    Dog owners often look for a building that comes with a separate area where they can wash and groom their pets, so their home doesn’t get messy.

Get Great Amenities with The Davies Condos in Toronto

The Davies Condos in TorontoThe Davies offers exceptional luxury condos in Toronto that come with excellent facilities. The units are thoughtfully designed to elevate your lifestyle to new heights and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The condos are a perfect picture of elegance and sophistication and come with many amenities such as spa-inspired baths, a contemporary kitchen, private access elevators, and more.

If you want to purchase a new condo in downtown Toronto, talk to our sales team by calling 647-360-9588. You could also fill out our online form to register online with us.

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