Toronto Skyline in Store for World-Class Changes

There is no question that skylines have a big impact. They conjure up a sense of pride, wonder, intrigue, and character when it comes to defining and giving shape to a metropolis. Toronto has its own distinct skyline, but the historic figures and shapes are about to be joined by newcomers. As 2017 quickly approaches, what once seemed like far-off plans to alter Toronto’s waterfront and skyline by 2020 are also fast-approaching. Projected plans include major projects and minor tweaks that will impact the city in various ways. From property values to new job opportunities, skyline changes will offer an exciting reflection of the city’s culture and life happening on the ground.

Changes and Impact of New Building Developments in Downtown Toronto

Here are Five exciting changes that will impact more than just sightlines. These five new condo projects and building developments in Toronto offer value to buyers and vibrant changes for residents of the city:

  • The One: Appropriately first on our list, The One is a proposed building at 1 Bloor Street West. With 80 storeys and featuring a proud 416 units, this building will be the furthest east of the major changes. It may also be the first proposed new condo project on the list to break ground.
  • Mirvish & Gehry: Nearly 2,000 residential units are planned to be erected in the Mirvish & Gehry building, along with retail space, OCAD University facilities, gallery space, and commercial units. Situated at King Street West and John Street, this new condo development in downtown Toronto should be a visually exciting addition. Frank Gehry has already contributed to Toronto’s architecture with the Art Gallery of Ontario and this promises to be another interesting concept from the world-renowned architect.
  • Front Street & Station Street: This office tower proposal would provide an easy commute for many nearby condo owners and people who come into the city via Union Station. At 239 metres tall and featuring 48 storeys of commercial space, it is sure to make an impact on the city’s skyline.
  • Eight Elm Street: Currently under review, this tall residential building will include 469 units if it is given the green light for development. It is speculated that it will be a slender building with modern features, 80 storeys, and feature some commercial floor space. This site has its own unique spatial and zoning obstacles to overcome, so the future of this build is uncertain. If completed by 2020 as projected, the building would add height to the city’s east end when viewing the skyline.
  • Bay Park Centre: Expected completion by 2018, the Bay Park Centre will add to the burgeoning City Place area with another commercial development. Sightlines, collaborative areas, and a focus on international development promise to bring Toronto’s office space up to standards being set around the globe. Two towers will be connected by green space that promises to attract global brands and new opportunities for residents of the city.

Toronto Skyline During Fall

Interested in new condos for sale in downtown Toronto? If you want to be a part of the vibrant culture of Toronto before major changes take hold, consider buying today. New luxury condo projects in the trendy Yorkville area can give you easy access to the skyline-defining areas of the entertainment district while also providing an escape within the city. The Davies new condo development offers luxury living over the park with access to great shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and green space.

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