Toronto’s Condo Bubble Fears ‘Overblown’

Some things seem too good to be true and many alarmists are shifting the attitude toward Toronto real estate in that direction. If you are interested in investing in property in Toronto, the potential for a downfall may cause fears or anxiety about how to best proceed. The good news is, condos within the city have continued to appreciate and previous predictions and fears are being reassessed with more insights and in-depth findings related to the local market.

If you are hesitant to invest in a new condo project in Toronto, read a summary of the latest findings below and begin exploring your options. A new condominium in a great location, close to transportation and featuring convenient and fantastic amenities promises to offer benefits in the present and also in the future. Come take a look at The Davies to see if our luxury units could be your new home in the city.

To Hold Back or Move Forward?: Why Market Collapse Fears are Exaggerated

Don’t let rumours about a looming meltdown keep you from buying a new condominium in Toronto. If you are in a position to get into the hot real estate market, fears about a crash should not hold you back. Here’s why:

  • Gradual Cooling – Previous reports focused on a narrative that hinged on a dramatic collapse. Largely based on speculation and unfounded connections made between foreign markets and historical data, little current information was used to inform the predictions. After multiple banks and news sources have revisited the current figures, including demand and occupancy, it seems that the market is headed toward a cool down rather than a hard crash.
  • Appreciation – Despite fears, condos have steadily appreciated in value. People from across the country and the GTA continue to see the value and convenience of the lifestyle and locations offered by new condominium projects in the city.
  • Decline – The limited amount of space within the city and waning interest from foreign investors will play a role in the gradual decline of new condo projects and the market as a whole. Vancouver and Toronto are expected to lead the trend, which could spell out more dramatic implications for smaller markets across Canada. Downtown Toronto, however, is expected to remain stable. Plus, that means the number of available new condos will begin to dwindle and fewer and fewer new units will be available.

Toronto View

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