Trump Presidency Makes Canadian Real Estate Even More Attractive to Investors

When it comes to real estate, stability and security are often top concerns for buyers. Whether they are first-time investors or experienced industry professionals, most people prefer a sure deal to a gamble. No matter your status or current holdings, the knowledge that Canada’s housing market is booming is universal. This presents an exciting opportunity for investors, especially with recent predictions and reports that point towards continued strength and increases for Toronto real estate.

Aside from local factors hinged on supply, demand, and new developments, international relations are having an impact on Canadian housing. The ultra-wealthy around the world have their sights set on real estate when it comes to investments, and Toronto is on the radar for many. The already strong climate for Canada’s housing market is being enhanced by the political developments and new president south of the border.

Predictions of financial instability, precarious and fluctuating foreign policies, and a myriad of social and political factors signal change for the US housing market. US buyers’ perspectives may be shifting as they look beyond their country for a place to live. In contrast, Canada’s young cities and calmer political landscape may be viewed as a welcoming and more predictable place for investors.

Many Americans are seeking a place to move for the duration of the president’s term. Huge interest, indicated by online traffic, occurred in the days and weeks following election results, with many US citizens investigating property in Ontario and British Columbia. Toronto led search results, and although it is too soon to tell if interest will translate into closed deals and sales, urban property searches point toward an interest in residences rather than recreational property investments.

New Condo Building in Downtown Toronto with Skyline at the back

A strong market and a range of luxurious new condo projects in downtown Toronto offer plenty of options and opportunities for foreign investors. For Canadians and the international population alike, it is a promising time to buy and live in the country. The multicultural community, diverse range of industries, and presence on Lake Ontario make Toronto a global city that is a fantastic place to live, own, and rent property.

Toronto’s housing market includes luxury condos in the downtown core that combine convenience and elegance for prospective home buyers. The Davies is a new condo project that brings together lifestyle, location, and luxury. With functional floorplans and units overlooking Robertson Davies Park, the space provides a respite from the hustle of the urban centre while still offering easy accessibility. Located just a short walk from the TTC, with Pearson International Airport connections, and nearby the trendy Yorkville neighbourhood, professionals and families can enjoy some of the best cultural activities and nightlife of Toronto. Make the most out of the city without sacrificing comfort, amenities, or green space.

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