Walk Down The Red Carpet with Celebrities at TIFF

Every September, numerous venues around the city of Toronto come alive with Hollywood glamour and charm. The Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF, celebrates Oscar-worthy films with formal premieres and a red carpet that boasts the brightest stars. Residents of new condos downtown Toronto have a chance to attend VIP red carpet events and movie premieres, making luxury condo owners feel like celebrities. Dawn your hottest designer gown and walk alongside some of the industry’s biggest names. This event is sure to be the talk of the town!

Three Ways for Luxury Condo Residents to Experience Red Carpet Treatment

If you live in any of the luxury condos in downtown Toronto, you may want to create your own Hollywood experience during TIFF. There are several different ways that you can do that with your family or your best friends during the festival.

Crowd at Toronto International Film Festival Taking Pictures of the Stars

  1. Get dressed up and go out for the evening.
    You don’t have to have a formal invitation to get in on a little TIFF action. Celebrities take over the city during the festival, giving residents of new condos downtown Toronto plenty of opportunities to rub shoulders, shake hands, and take selfies. Get dressed up and go to one of Toronto’s hottest restaurants for a chance to hobnob with the stars. Chances are, you favorite spot for dinner will welcome international superstars for a stellar meal at some point during their stay.
  2. Volunteer at the festival.
    Every year, a number of volunteer positions open up to Toronto residents. If you live in a luxury condo downtown and are interested in working at a venue, apply online and show up for a brief interview for a chance to attend movie premieres, work the red carpet, and see Oscar-nominated actors. These volunteer spots fill up extremely quickly, so if you have your heart set on working the events, be sure to get your application in early!
  3. Attend a movie premiere.
    Volunteering isn’t the only way to get into a move premiere. There are multiple TIFF events that are open to the public. If you have children, there are multiple kid-friendly flicks that are open to residents. Check the official website for more information about how you and your family can receive red carpet treatment this September!

TIFF isn’t the only glamorous event that takes place in downtown Toronto. The city is alive with events and activities that celebrate culture. If you enjoy getting dressed up and going out, this is the city for you! Right now is a great time to move downtown. There are a limited number of luxury condos available near city center, putting you in the center of the action. You can schedule a tour of The Davies luxury condos today. Simply call our team at 416 873-0862 for more information about our new, stylish units.

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