What Are the Best Pets for Condo Living?

The choice to live in a condo does not mean that you must exclude pets from your lifestyle. An animal can bring much comfort, amusement, and energy to your space. Many pet owners regard their furred, feathered, or scaled friends as members of the family.

Before you select a cat, dog, or another type of animal to join your household, you should give some thought to the best choices for the setting. Not all animals will appreciate an environment with limited space. Others will be quite comfortable in a spacious condo.

Selecting a Good Pet for Your Space

Countless condo inhabitants have animals by their side. Just be aware that some animals need plenty of outdoor space, so they would likely not be happy without a big yard. Although size can be an important factor, breeds that are known for being territorial could be even less suitable for a condo than large dogs.

Inappropriate for Condo Occupants:

  • Larger Dogs: German shepherds are typically quite possessive about their home, which could be a disaster for everyone involved when they are confined to a limited indoor space. Another poor choice for primarily-indoor living is a Labrador retriever. These dogs have an abundance of energy, and they require ample room outside to run and play.
  • Smaller Dogs: Not all small dogs are suited to buildings with several occupants. Yorkshire terriers and Chihuahuas may bark continuously at every sound, which could put you at odds with your neighbours. Beagles are known for the distinctive howling noise they make to express themselves, which is a sound some of your neighbours will probably not appreciate.

Suitable for Condo Life:

  • Dogs: A broad array of dogs may live happily indoors. English bulldogs do not expend a lot of energy, so they might be very happy in a condo. Other breeds that may be more easygoing include Shih Tzus, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Boxers, Boston terriers, and Great Danes.
  • Cats: Feline companions make an excellent option for those with limited access to the outdoors. Cats may also be a good choice if you wish to have more than one animal on the premises.
  • Birds: Birds may do well inside your home, but stay away from the types that generally squawk loudly, such as parrots. Canaries and finches are better options when you share the walls with others.
  • Fish: An aquarium can provide the presence of animals that you crave, as well as vibrant colours, without the noise, mess, and hassle associated with various pets.
  • Other Animals: There are several other creatures that may be ideal for your home. These include rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, turtles, and lizards.

Caring for Your Pet at The Davies

Caring for Your Pet at The Davies

Before you select any sort of pet member for your household, do some research to ensure that it will be suitable. Always think about other members in your family and your neighbours when you are shopping for or caring for your pet. With some planning and basic consideration, you might include an animal as part of your life in one of our condos.

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