A Day Well Spent in The Annex

For residents of The Davies or new condominiums in Toronto, there are a few places where Bohemia, chic and Academe intersect like they do in The Annex neighborhood. Surrounded by the chic Bloor-Yorkville and the University of Toronto, The Annex offers residents and visitors an intoxicating mix of art galleries, bookstores, spunky coffee shops, beautiful old homes, discount shopping and an array of restaurants and bars, making it one of the best neighborhoods to explore and watch people from all walks of lives.

Europeans began settling in this area in the 1790s when it was known simply as ‘York Township’ before the area became The Toronto Annex subdivision by developer Simeon James in 1886. It then became one of Toronto’s most elite neighborhoods, which is why so many houses in the neighborhood are the finest examples of Victorian, Queen Anne and Dichardsonian Romanesque architectural styles. When the uppermost classes began to migrate northward to Fores Hill and Lawrence Park, residents in the area formed the Annex Residents Association, a powerful lobby group that saved the neighborhood from the Spadina Expressway plans to split the area in half. After a hundred years, the Annex has endured with its energy deriving from the staff and students from the nearby University of Toronto campus as well as from the bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that descend on the neighborhood when the sun goes down.

Best Things to do in The Annex for residents of new condominiums in Toronto

  1. Activities to Stretch the Mind:
    • Royal Ontario Museum: Looking for a perfect weekend with your kids? From ancient artifacts to dinosaur bones, the Royal Ontario Museum offers fascinating glimpses of the world cultures behind its doors to entertain you and your family. It also offers a great selection of tours, exhibition and programs for Torontonians. Stay up to date with exhibitions and events at their Facebook page. Don’t forget to check out its trendy metropolitan-mixer “Friday Night Live at the ROM” with a blend of DJ, tempting food, fun & open exhibits. 
    • Casa Loma: Canada’s most well-known castle has no shortage of activities for The Davies condominimum residents in downtown Toronto. Casa Loma artistocratic European architure with it’s 98 rooms, 30 bathrooms, 25 fireplaces and much more features exquisite and ornate furnishings from around the world. Also, various adventurous activities are organized for teens, corporate teams, friends or families. 
    • Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Planning to watch a movie on weekends with the premium comforts? Bloor Hot Docs Cinema is a perfect place for you! This nearly century-old movie house is renovated with technical improvements, but the historical character of the cinema is still maintained. Showtimes and ticket information available at 
    • Bata Shoe Museum:  The Annex is not complete without a sneak peek at the one-of-a-kind Bata Shoe Museum. Considered Toronto’s authority on historic and cultural footwear, the four floors of gallery space are filled with over 13,500 items from around the world which are collected, researched, preserved and exhibited. It is the only museum in North America dedicated solely to the history of footwear and will keep you busy with it’s galleries, collections, lectures, performances and family events. 
  2. Shopping:
    • Honest Ed’s: Honest Ed’s is a true Toronto landmark located near the new condo projects in Toronto. It adds character to the city. Despite of what you’re looking for, you’ll find it all at Honest Ed’s. Like a brilliant maze, it is possible to get lost in its rooms. 
    • BMV Books: If you are feeling, like getting something new to read there’s no shortage of bookstores in Toronto, especially when it comes to The Annex. But BMV Books is the biggest and best around. It is like a well-organized library with a variety of books to select from and all at inexpensive prices. The entire basement is dedicated to the music lovers as well. 
  3. To whet your appetite and people watch
    • Woke up early and looking for a new weekend brunch spot? Grapefruit Moon is worth a visit! The food is exceptional and the place is nice and cozy. Their burgers are the specialty in their menu. Or looking for a break between all the wonderful activities in the Annex? Grab a piece of cake at Future Bakery, a staple of the Annex with tons of great cakes and choices for the curious of cake lovers. Or a pint at Paupers Pub rooftop patio for the best views of Toronto. It has both a rooftop and a sidewalk patio, which together helps to accommodate the Annex's collective love of outdoor eating. With a fabulous view of the city, it is one of the best places to spend an evening. 
  4. A Spectrum of Live Performances Availables
    • Lees Palace: Though not known for best sound or beverage selection, it is still a Toronto staple place to discover new bands and new music. It is a  small venue that fits around 500 and has a separate floor to dance providing festive exterior murals. If you are interested to know what is playing at Lee’s Palace next, you can check out their upcoming shows at.
    • Koerner Hall for something sophisticated: For residents of The Davies and other condo projects in Toronto, world-class musicians and performances are a few steps away. It is designed in the tradition of the classic "shoebox" venues of Europe. It is comfortable, beautiful and is favorite among the architectural restoration and edition buildings in the city. Book tickets online here.

Future Bakery Toronto

A day spent at the Annex isn’t complete without a stroll by the assortment of homes from the 1880’s to early 1900’s as well. It was considered until the 1920’s as one of the most luxurious areas of Toronto that included residents such as George Gooderham and Timothy Eaton. Today, it is mostly a student dwelling area and a hot spot for art folks, eco-enthusiasts, musicians, hipsters to intellects to thrive and that is why this neighborhood would satisfy any visitor’s curiosity for an insider’s view of how Torontonians from all walks of life meet and mingle.

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