Choosing the Right Floor When Buying a Condo

There are several new condo developments in Toronto, and if you are looking to purchase a unit, one of the essential factors that you need to consider is the floor number. Choosing between the lower, middle, and higher floors can be a difficult decision to make because they have their own advantages. Read on to learn more about choosing the right condo floor for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Condo Floor

  • View
    If a breathtaking view is of utmost importance to you, then you should consider getting a unit on one of the upper floors. It can enhance the overall value of a condo, especially if it is in a good neighbourhood. However, if you are not comfortable living on a higher floor or have a fear of heights, you may want to get a unit at a lower level.
  • Price
    In most cases, the units in new condo developments get more expensive as we move towards the upper floors. If you can afford the cost of a great view, you can consider buying a condo on a higher level.
  • Access
    If easy access is a big deal and you feel that you do not have the patience to wait for the elevator or don’t want to use the stairs, then buying a unit in the first 3 - 5 floors is an ideal choice. Also, it is wise for older adults and people with physical difficulties to reside in the lower levels.
  • Noise
    If you value peace and like to live in a calm environment, consider buying a condo on a higher floor. This is because you may hear more traffic and street noise on the first few levels.

Floor-wise Advantages of Purchasing a Condo Unit

Benefits of First Three Floors

The first three floors are the perfect choice if you do not want the physical exertion of taking the stairs or waiting for the elevator. Also, since there is nobody residing below your unit, you don’t have to worry about making too much noise.

Advantages of Residing in a Middle Floor

Buying a unit on one of the middle floors is the ideal choice if you want to avoid the extremes of the upper and lower levels. You can still use the stairs with ease, and traffic noise is tolerable at this level.

Pros of Purchasing a Condo on an Upper Floor

On a higher floor, you won’t have to have to deal with street noise. In addition to this, you can enjoy a great view. You’ll also have a financial benefit because a condo unit on the higher floors usually has a higher resale value because of the amazing views.

Since each level has its advantages, it helps to consider individual preferences before choosing a unit on a particular floor in a new condo development. Make a list of your priorities and select the most suitable floor for your new condo.

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