Freeze-Proofing Your Condo for Winter Weather

Toronto can experience some exceedingly low temperatures in the wintertime. Just as you must winterize your vehicles for the weather, you also need to prepare your home for the upcoming cold.

Living in a condominium is no exception to this rule. Since you own your unit, it is generally your responsibility to ensure that it remains intact throughout the season.

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How to Protect Your Home from Freezing Temperatures

You can take a variety of steps to freeze-proof your condo this winter:

  • Let Them Drip: Water conservation is important, but keeping your plumbing pipes in top shape should also be a priority. By allowing your faucets to run on a slow drip, you can help to prevent the pipes from bursting. The water you consume doing this should be minimal compared to the damage and expense of a broken pipe.
  • More Circulation: Another useful tactic is to leave the cupboard doors below your sinks open. This will circulate warmer air near the pipes, which will further promote the effort to avoid bursting pipes. Do this in both the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Unfasten Hoses: If you have hoses on your patio or balcony, be sure to unfasten them before the temperature drops below freezing. Doing this can spare your hoses from being destroyed by the pressure in the cold.
  • Identify the Main Turn-off Switch: Unfortunately, you cannot always stop pipes from freezing and breaking. If this happens, you will need to immediately shut off the master control for your water system. Find out where that is, and make sure you know how to operate it.
  • Proper Indoor Temperature: Whether you are at home or not, you must keep your indoor environment warm to prevent a disaster. You do not need to raise the temperature very high when you are gone, but you should set the thermostat for between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. The consistent warmth will aid in keeping your plumbing, appliances, and personal belongings from becoming so frigid that they break.
  • Windows and Doors: Your home will be warmer and more energy-efficient if you weatherize the doors and windows. By re-caulking when needed, weather-stripping drafty areas, and placing insulation film on your windows, you will prevent much of the cold air outside from making its way indoors. Remember to hang thick curtains over the windows for extra insulation. You can also add draft guards to your doors.

Stay Warm and Cozy at The Davies This Winter

Stay Warm and Cozy at The Davies This Winter

Once you have winterized your condo for the season, you will be free to enjoy your space. If you leave home for the holidays or during the following months, you need not worry about whether your home is safe. By taking a few simple precautionary measures, you can keep your unit at The Davies in excellent condition this winter.

For more information on this exciting new condo project in Toronto, contact The Davies at 647-360-9588 to book an appointment. You may also register online for more information.

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