Kitchens That Make the Cut – The Davies Residents’ Guide to Luxury Condo Cooking

When you live at The Davies, countless fine dining options are at your doorstep. Toronto is home to world-class restaurants, all featuring exquisite menus inspired by global cuisine in neighbourhoods such as Yorkville, Dupont Street, Yonge & Summerhill and The Annex. For residents of The Davies, however, the best place to enjoy a meal is in your spacious kitchen. With the right tools, you can craft dishes that rival the top eateries and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re adventurous in the kitchen, you’ll need a set of custom kitchen knives that will help you set a new standard of creating your own culinary works of art. More than just a tool, these kitchen knives tell a story, are enriched in history and can be passed down in your family. Several specialty stores in Toronto gives luxury condo residents access to collections of exotic knives that will bring out the inner chef in you. Custom sets range in price, so whether you’re new to cooking at home or an expert, there’s something for you.

Investing in a Collection of Custom Kitchen Knives from Your Local Specialty Shop

Investing in a set of quality knives for your kitchen will make it easy to enjoy the amenities that your luxury condo offers. There are two standout knife shops in Toronto: Tosho Knife Arts and Hacher & Krain. Both shops have something unique to offer and are definitely worth a visit for residents of The Davies.

Tosho Knife Arts

Tosho Knife Arts exclusively sells hand-forged Japanese knives that range in price from around $100 to $3,000. Chefs at Toronto hotspots such as the Black Hoof, Parts and Labour, Nota Bene, and many more use the premier collection of knives offered at Tosho. Their knives aren’t just for the city’s elite chefs, however. The owners believe a quality set of knives can benefit cooks of every skill level and are even willing to show you how to use your new set of tools in the multiple classes they offer. Currently, they’re taking signups for “The Art of Knife Sharpening” and “Knife Skills and Maintenance.” Learn how to maintain your Double Bevel, Single Bevel, Straight Razor, and Tactical Knives or just cover the basics and learn what those terms mean. Classes fill up fast (largely due to Rachel McAdams’ raving review!) so get your name on the list as soon as possible!

Art piece from Tosho Knife Art

Hacher & Krain

Step into this elite knife shop and have your choice from over 200 different knives, each hand-picked for style, performance, and quality craftsmanship. Greg, the owner at Hacher & Krain, prides himself in offering a global collection of fine cutlery that brings the best of the nations’ blades together. He won’t try to sell you a set, but will offer guidance as you select a collection of elite tools that will complement your cooking style. The shop will teach you how to sharpen and maintain your knives, or do it for you for free. The team is knowledgeable, passionate, and approachable, making Hacher & Krain an excellent shop for at-home chefs and looking to up their culinary game.

Our culture is obsessed with fine foods. Sampling new dishes and preparing delicacies are popular activities in Toronto’s trendy, downtown area. The Davies’ breathtaking facilities make cooking at home an enviable luxury that allows you to play with flavors and explore various cuisines in the comfort of your own kitchen. Call 416-873-0862 to tour the luxury condos that connect you to Toronto’s culinary culture.

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