How to Get More Out of Your Counter Space

Counter space is precious in any kitchen. Being able to have everything you need out and still have the room to prepare meals is what most people desire, but it can be hard to achieve. These tips will help you maximize the counter space you do have and give you ideas on how to create some extra storage and surfaces in your kitchen as well.

Create More Counter Space

  • Use a Rolling Island: When you choose to incorporate a rolling island into your kitchen setup, you bring more surface area into your space. This area can be moved around where you need it and can hold ingredients or prepared items to get them out of your way while you use the rest of your counter. You can also use this surface as a prep table and cut and season elements of your meal on it. Most rolling islands also have shelves or cabinets underneath the main surface, so they are excellent for storing items that don’t necessarily need to be on your counter. Best of all, the island can be moved around your home and used as a serving tray for parties.
  • Store or Get Rid of Appliances You Don’t Use: If you’re the type of person who collects all the latest in kitchen gadgets, you may find that you run out of places to put them rather quickly. The rice cooker you thought you would use all the time, or your slow cooker that you were sure would make dinners easier may be banished to the far edges of your counter taking up space and collecting dust. Even things that used to be essentials like a kettle may not have been seeing as much action if you’ve moved on to an instant hot drink maker. Whatever the reason, consider storing or finding a way to get rid of these unnecessary appliances, whether by giving them away to friends or donating them, or selling them at a garage sale or online.
  • Don’t Put Unnecessary Items in The Kitchen: It can be easy to quickly become overwhelmed with clutter in places it shouldn’t be. Set the rule to have the kitchen be a place for cooking only and be sure to remove any paperwork or mail that may get set on the counter or island. The same goes for purses, school bags, briefcases, and laptops. While the counter may be a convenient place to drop your items at the time, it will be a hassle to have to move them later when you need the space for meal prep.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Kitchen at The Davies

Enjoy Your Beautiful Kitchen at The Davies

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