How to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

When you live in a condominium, it’s likely that you want to make the most of the space you have. This can often include trying to make rooms appear bigger than they are and give off a feeling of having more space once you’re inside of them. There are simple ways to do this, and most of them come down to how you choose to decorate and store your possessions. Follow these tips to help give the appearance of a more substantial kitchen in your home.

Give the Impression of a Larger Space

  • Keep It Bright: Allow as much light into the room as possible. Whether you’re opening curtains and blinds to let in natural light, or using light fixtures, brightening up your kitchen will give the feeling of more space. At The Davies, our kitchens have under-cabinet lighting to help illuminate the room and really give the appearance of a bigger space. Try to incorporate brightness with the décor as well by choosing glossy surfaces or glazed accessory pieces to help reflect the light. The glass tile backsplash installed in our kitchens will also help with this.
  • Don’t Collect Clutter: A cluttered space will look smaller. Make sure that your kitchen doesn’t become the space where things accumulate and put everything away when you’re finished with it. Clean, mess-free countertops help the room appear more open than surfaces covered in papers, pots, and other miscellaneous objects that happen to be dropped there along the way.
  • Obtain Modern, Minimalist Furniture: Old-style, large kitchen tables tend to not fit in well with modern kitchens. They can often feel overbearing and make the room appear smaller. Modern furniture tends to take up less floor space overall, helping to give the appearance of a larger area. It’s sleek design and crisp lines also assist with creating a clean, open look.
  • Use Vertical Lines in Your Designs: To tie in to the point about crisp lines on modern furniture, vertical lines help to open up a space. They tend to draw the eye upward, giving the appearance of a more spacious area. Along with furniture, you can incorporate lines with your backsplash, accessories, or even some small decorative items strategically placed around the room.
  • Utilize Open Shelving: Instead of having all of your items tucked away behind traditional cabinets, pick a few select pieces and display them on open shelves. Open shelving helps bring an airy look to your room and gives the illusion of more space as opposed to closed off cabinetry.

Enjoy Your Kitchen at The Davies

How to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel BiggerHere at The Davies, all of our condominiums are equipped with chef-inspired kitchens. Contemporary appliances combine with elegant designs to give you the best of both worlds in terms of utility and style.

For more information on this exciting new condominium project in Toronto, contact The Davies at 647-360-9588to book an appointment to meet with our sales team. You may also register online for more information, and browse our floor plans to discover which would best suit your household needs.

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