St. Clair West – A Neighborhood Guide for Residents of Condo for Sale in Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto consists of quaint neighborhoods that are full of places to dine and shop. That’s one of the best things about choosing to be a condo resident in downtown Toronto—you’ll never run out of things to explore! There are countless streets that are bustling with residents and tourists alike, all indulging in fine foods and leisure activities. Everyday outings feel like mini getaways when you venture into the niche neighborhoods scattered throughout the city. St. Clair West is one of the many neighborhoods that will make you fall in love with Toronto all over again. If you’re a new condo resident in downtown Toronto, you’ll love strolling the streets and discovering what your home has to offer.

Our Favorite Things to Do in St. Clair West

Looking for something to do on a warm summer evening? Venture over to St. Clair West, located on St. Clair West from Avenue Road to Westmount where Corso Italia begins. You’re sure to love wandering through the stores after grabbing a delicious dinner at a locally owned eatery. Check out our rundown of the best businesses in the area and make a list of stops for your next visit to St. Clair West.

St Clair West Station Art

  1. Visit Roadside Attractions and view rotating local and international art.
    This gallery is unique in that it is only viewable from the roadside. Artists have a chance to take over the unique window exhibition space and create something that represents their vision and style. What started as a window into an art studio has grown into a renowned venue for creating and showcasing the best of local and international art. Be sure to stop by and take in the spectacle on your next trip to St. Clair West.
  2. Find something new to read at Ayerego Books.
    This quirky bookstore has been around for almost 20 years and is home to hundreds of well loved rare, used and out-of-print books. The owner specializes in military history, biographies, and social sciences, so if you have any questions about these specific topics, you’ll want to pay this iconic shop a visit.
  3. Tour the Wychwood Barns.
    This renovated streetcar maintenance facility is home to artist studios, greenhouses, a farmer’s market, a beach volleyball court, and a public green space. Residents of condo for sale in downtown Toronto can tour the area and enjoy the community centre and park. Check out their Facebook page for a list of upcoming events and pop-up attractions that this unique facility will be host to throughout the year.
  4. Grab a bite to eat or enjoy a sweet treat at a local bakery.
    While the streets that surround St. Clair West are fairly residential, St. Clair West itself is home to numerous bakeries and restaurants. The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder is known for it’s BBQ, so if you’re looking for a traditional summer dinner, head on down and indulge!

If you like to connect with your neighbors and have an endless list of places to see, visit and experience, you’ll love being a new condo resident in downtown Toronto. The Davies luxury condos put you in the heart of the city, so you can explore the local neighborhoods and become a regular at your favorite café, farmer’s market or cultural hot spot. Contact the Davies Luxury presentation center at 416-873-0862 to be among the first to call downtown Toronto your new home.

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