Where to Buy High-End Luxury Furniture in Toronto

High on design and architecture standards, Toronto has a sizeable population of connoisseurs who greatly value art for the sheer joy and beauty it adds to their lives. This artistic expression most definitely extends to furniture and home décor, with the city being home to some of the finest high-end luxury furniture stores. Whether it is your favourite wall art and décor, dining room or patio furniture, chandeliers, table and floor lamps or outdoor lounge furniture, the city has no dearth of stunning pieces created by some of the best-known designers around the world.

The furniture, furnishings and art work that you will find at these stores are exclusive and conceived and created by leading designers, which means they don’t come cheap. However, every piece of furniture you find here is an artistic marvel that will greatly enhance the appeal of your home, and will certainly invite the envy of your visitors.

Here’s Where You Will Find Toronto’s Best High-End Furniture

The city has no dearth of exclusive and high-end designer furniture shops, but some of them clearly stand out more than others. While certain stores offer a wonderful experience to customers to stroll around and peruse what they wish to buy, many others function as e-commerce websites offering a plethora of furniture and home décor choices that would be impossible to see in a physical store. Here are some of the best stores for you to check out:

  • Avenue Road: This chic design studio spread across 15,000 sq. ft. has an abundance of riches when it comes to furniture, home furnishings and artsy home décor. If you want to make a style statement with your home interiors and furniture and actively look for big-name designers, then Avenue Road, located at 415 Eastern Avenue is a must-visit store. The owners are also the exclusive distributors in Canada for The Rug Company. You have to see their collection to believe it! Each piece is an artistic wonder and is sure to draw your instant admiration.
  • Wayfair: When it comes to furniture, décor and furnishings, the more options you find the better. It’s always tough for one single physical store, no matter how big, to stock the perfect product for you at the perfect price. It’s no wonder that e-commerce websites in the business of home décor are thriving. One such website is wayfair.ca that offers 8 million products from over 10,000 suppliers across 5 distinct brands. You could be looking for something as simple as a rug, and expect to find a mind-boggling collection ranging high-end to low-end.
  • Carrocel: Whether you are looking for high-end furniture, timeless stand-alone pieces, or simply to restore and rejuvenate an existing piece in your home, Carrocel’s offerings and services help you bring exclusivity and style to your home. One of the store’s biggest features is that it offers customization, allowing you to choose designs and patterns that suit your home perfectly. Home accessories range from antique wall mirrors and sculpted glass table lamps to vintage chandeliers, accent tables, parlour armchairs, and more.
  • 1stdibs.: For those who hold great value for art and are willing to pay a handsome price to acquire a splendid piece of work, 1stdibs is a must-visit destination. The company’s founder, Michael Bruno started as a young, luxury real-estate dealer. During his visit to Paris’ legendary antique market in 2001, he stumbled upon pieces of such beauty that he could not resist buying many of them. He was moved enough to display the pieces online. He then went on to handpick specific dealers who could supply these rare, antique furniture and exquisite home décor items to customers. Today, 1stdibs is the world’s leading online marketplace for the most beautiful home décor pieces.

Love Beautiful, High-End Furniture and Art Décor? Complement it With a Great Home

High-End Furniture and Art Décor

The highest demand for high-end furniture comes from owners of luxury condos, who enjoy bringing an artistic and distinctive style to their homes. If you are looking for a condo in one of Toronto’s most coveted neighbourhoods, Yorkville, a downtown location that houses some of the most splendid restaurants, cafes, art galleries, spas, and schools, then The Davies’ new condo project at Avenue Rd. is ideal for you. The building that overlooks the picturesque Robertson Davies Park, is only nine stories tall. You will love the plush, artistic interiors and fantastic outdoor amenities. The Davies’ condos in Toronto are ideal for those who cherish the good things in life.

For more details on this new condo project in Toronto, contact The Davies at 647-360-9588 and schedule your appointment or register online for more information. Check out the floor plans and discuss available options for your new home with our team.

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